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25 August 2005 Edition

Ganntanas Foirne Cáilithe

25 August 2005

While the lack of hospital beds and proper investment are significant problems in the Irish health system, among the biggest problems it faces is the lack of qualified personnel. As a wealthy OECD country, there shouldn't be any problem in training the doctors and nurses needed, but this has been blocked by vested interests in the medical profession and an outdated government decision taken in 1978. Free article

Pisreoga Iascaireachta

25 August 2005

Fishing seems to be a pastime for many folk, but for the fisherman that depends upon his catch, there are a number of superstitions to be adhered to. Free article

A tale of two festivals

25 August 2005

Sinn Féin Director of European Affairs, Eoin O Broin reports from Venezuela and the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, while Damien Daly of Ogra Shinn Féin, who also attended the festival, gives his fist hand impressions of the Venezuelan Revolution. Free article

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

25 August 2005

The term 'Bolivarian' comes from the great South American liberator Simon Bolivar, who attained the independence of a number of South American countries from Spanish colonial rule. Free article

Ag Tógáil Éire Nua

25 August 2005

The revival of Irish is a prominent aspect of Sinn Féin's vision of a united Ireland based on equality, justice and peace. Here Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh and Ciarán Mac Giolla Bhéin highlight the importance of language to republican objectives. They also set out radical and practical ways of re-focusing all republican activists on the need to elevate cultural revival to the centre of our struggle. Free article

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The Hunger Strike - 25 years on

25 August 2005

I came across this letter a few years back; in fact, some time after my mother Rosaleen had died. Written on prison issue toilet paper and smuggled from the H-Blocks in the summer of 1978, she had kept it in a family photo album. A cherished memento of the Blanket Protest in which her son and my brother, Paul had participated. Free article

Thoughtful and informative discussions

25 August 2005

The 17th Desmond Greaves Summer School takes place this weekend in the Irish Labour History Museum in Beggars Bush. Greaves is well known to republicans as the author of two of the classic studies of Irish political history, The Life and Times of James Connolly and Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution, the latter recently republished by An Glór Gafa. Free article

Léirmheas Leabhair

25 August 2005

The Missing Piece in the Peace Process by Ken Keable - Connolly Association (2nd edition) 2004 Free article

Fifth Column

25 August 2005

The republican funny page Free article

Remembering the Past - The Lockout

25 August 2005

In 1913, the conditions of Dublin workers were appalling. Nearly 40% of the population lived in tenement slums. The slums were the worst of any city in Europe and 20,108 families were recorded as living in a single room. Infant mortality was the highest in Europe and thousands worked a 70-hour week, for as little as 70p. Women's wages could be as low as 25p. Free article

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