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5 September 2016 Edition

From the H-Blocks to Robben Island

5 September 2016

Hunger Striker Laurence McKeown’s play Those You Pass on the Street moved people to tears during the National Arts Festival in South Africa Free article

Support Palestinian prisoners, demand sanctions against Israeli apartheid state

5 September 2016

Senator Paul Gavan and Assembly member Fra McCann joined an emergency international parliamentary delegation to Palestine in August to highlight the plight of Palestinian political prisoners and the hunger strike campaign led by PFLP prisoner Bilal Kayed. Free article

Fáilte go Saor-Ghaeltacht Theach Laighean

5 September 2016

TÁ FOIREANN mhéadaithe ag Sinn Féin i dTeach Laighean, rud a chuireann gliondar agus iontas orainn agus muid go léir bailithe le chéile in aon seomra amháin le haghaidh cruinnithe. Tá áit cónaithe nua, agus níos galánta againn, (le cistin in ionad cófra), ar dhá urlár in LH2000, urlár a cúig (urlár a bhíodh ag Páirtí an Lucht Oibre, tráth dá raibh), agus urlár a sé. Free article

It’s the island economy, stupid

5 September 2016

Robbie Smyth examines the post-Brexit media coverage in Ireland and reminds us all that the case for an island economy has never been clearer or stronger Free article

Can the Left win?

5 September 2016

WE have just lived through the deepest crisis in the capitalist world economy since the Great Depression. Unemployment, household debt, insecurity and poverty have become the norm for huge numbers of people. Free article

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Mura labhraíonn na páirtithe clé ar son an lucht oibre, cé labhrós?

5 September 2016

AR FUD na hEorpa, agus in Éirinn freisin, tá sean-pháirtithe an daonlathais shóisialta ag meath. Tá an lucht oibre tréigthe le fada acu, agus anois tá an lucht oibre ag tréigean na bpáirtithe céanna. Free article

A credible vision of unity has to be outlined – Chris Donnelly

5 September 2016

THE DECISION by the British electorate to plump for Brexit has provided a renewed lease of life for Scottish nationalists, whilst it has also encouraged many Irish republicans to outline the case for a Border poll in the near future. Even Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin have made public pronouncements where they’ve spoken of the prospect of an Irish unity referendum at some point in the future. Free article

‘Your fellow countrymen, whatever you and they might think’ – Conor Keenan

5 September 2016

“DON’T HATE the people on the Newtownards Road. Those people are your fellow countrymen, whatever you and they might think.” Free article

Buzzkill – Ireland’s bees are being wiped out

5 September 2016

MORE THAN 30% of all fruits and vegetables and as much as 70% of all the world’s food production is heavily reliant on one tiny insect – the honeybee. Its role in pollination is absolutely vital in agriculture but all is not well in Ireland – a third of our wild bee species are in danger of extinction. Free article

Whether there is weather

5 September 2016

For over 60 years, researchers have argued that climate change will impact coastal, freshwater and marine ecosystems, soil systems and marginal systems on hills, mountain and valleys Free article

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