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1 September 2014 Edition

Géarchéim Tithíocht ag Dul in Olcas sa gCaoi go bhfuil Praghsanna ag Dul i Méad

1 September 2014

CÉ go n-amhdaíonn fiú an tESRI go bhfuil ar a laghad seasca míle tithe nua ag teastáil i limistéar Bhaile Átha Cliath amháin faoin mbliain 2021, is cé go bhfuil os cionn 90,000 teaghlaigh ar liostaí le haghaidh tithiocht shóisialta, tá saineólaithe is polaiteóirí an rialtais ag maíomhm anois go bhfuil an ghéarcheim tithíochta ag teacht chun deiridh toisc go bhfuil praghasanna ag dul i mead sa bpríomh-chathair. Free article

One of the architects of the Peace Process

1 September 2014

FR BRIAN D’ARCY, chief celebrant at the state funeral of Albert Reynolds, has said that the British and Irish governments must act with political leaders to overcome the intransigence that is blocking progress in the North. He also warned about the volatility of the situaton. Free article

Who is standing up for farmers?

1 September 2014

SOMETIMES it is said that Irish agriculture is over regulated, that people cannot farm as they used to. It is only regulated for some people because the latest crisis in beef prices makes me think that the beef processors can do what they like – that they are not subject to regulation at all. Premium service article

Lining out for Gaza

1 September 2014

TREVOR HOGAN stands out in more ways than one. Being an Ireland rugby international, he’s big. And he isn’t afraid to stick his neck out – especially when it comes to the Israeli Occupation and the onslaught on Gaza. Premium service article

The exciting possibility of a Left government

1 September 2014

OVER the last two elections, upwards of 40% of the electorate, twice as many as previously, opted for ‘Left’ platforms. This raises the exciting possibility of a Left of centre government. Free article

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Beyond the politics of anti-austerity

1 September 2014

FOLLOWING the recent elections, progressives have still not grabbed the opportunity to drive a new agenda. The Right and employers still dominate the narrative, from taxation to banking policy to economic growth. This challenges all who share progressive values to coalesce and offer a political alternative to the two conservative parties. Free article

Russian sanctions herald push to a new world order

1 September 2014

RUSSIA’S retaliatory sanctions against the West because of its sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of the Ukrainian crisis seem to have taken Western policy makers by surprise – not only because of their immediate impact but, more importantly, because of the long-term significance of the move. Free article

TTIP myths shattered by report

1 September 2014

A NEW STUDY commissioned by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) EU Parliament Group argues that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTP) between the EU and the USA comes with high social costs and limited actual economic gain. Free article

Israel’s terror campaign against Gaza

1 September 2014

PROTESTS in support of the Palestinian people and against Israel’s horrific onslaught and siege of Gaza have continued across cities, towns and villages in Ireland as peace talks in Cairo in late August collapsed. Free article

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