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1 September 2014 Edition

When leadership matters

1 September 2014

ALBERT REYNOLDS, Taoiseach from February 1992 to November 1994, passed away after a long illness on 21 August, just ten days before the 20th anniversary of what has been hailed by the mainstream media as his greatest political achievement – his role in the Peace Process leading to the IRA’s complete cessation of military operations on 31 August 1994. Free article

Caithfear deireadh a chur leis

1 September 2014

TÁ GRÚPA athbhreithnithe fógartha ag an Aire Dlí & Comhionannas le féachaint ar an gcóras atá againn le h-óstaiocht a dhéanamh ar dhaoine a thagann anseo ag lorg tearmann, ar a dtugtar Cóireáil Dhíreach nó Direct Provision. Ach, ní theann an athbhreithniú teoranta atá luaite aici go dtí croi na faidhbe – sin go bhfuil an bunchóras fabhtach, mídhaonna agus ag cruthú níos mó deacrachtaí ná mar atá sé ag leigheas. Free article

Unionists surrender to Tory war on the welfare state

1 September 2014

BEFORE Westminster’s summer recess, I was in London to speak to MPs and lobby groups about the impact of the Welfare Reform Act across Britain. Given that the Tory and Liberal Democrats Government and the unionist parties are adamant that this legislation will be applied in the North of Ireland, it’s important to look at the facts of just how these so-called ‘reforms’ are affecting people in Britain. Premium service article

The right to remember

1 September 2014

RECENTLY I have been considering what motivated an estimated 210,000 Irishmen to enlist in the British Army during the First World War. It is a question that has exercised minds in Ireland for many years, perhaps more so recently in the context of the upcoming centenary commemorations. Free article

Escalating war and preparing revolution

1 September 2014

THE OUTBREAK of the First World War had a profound effect on Ireland. Republicans and advanced nationalists prepared to make “England’s difficulty Ireland’s opportunity”. The Home Rule party began recruiting for the British Army, and the Irish Volunteers split. To give a sense of the pace of events we present them in chronological order. Free article

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The myth of media balance

1 September 2014

HADAR GOLDIN was killed on 1 August. He was an Israeli soldier, reported as “kidnapped” across the world’s news media in Rafah, Gaza. In the hours afterwards, amid claims that Hamas had broken a tentative ceasefire with Israel, 107 Palestinians were killed in Israeli rocket and shelling attacks. I know few of the names of these 107. Free article

British Army generals knew about collusion

1 September 2014

THE Ulster Defence Regiment – the largest regiment in the British Army during the conflict – definitely was “in collusion with unionist paramilitaries”. And the British Army officially admits that. Free article

Now is the right time – by Dawn Purvis

1 September 2014

HAVE YOU ever needed to have a difficult conversation with someone and would rather not face it? Free article

Géarchéim Tithíocht ag Dul in Olcas sa gCaoi go bhfuil Praghsanna ag Dul i Méad

1 September 2014

CÉ go n-amhdaíonn fiú an tESRI go bhfuil ar a laghad seasca míle tithe nua ag teastáil i limistéar Bhaile Átha Cliath amháin faoin mbliain 2021, is cé go bhfuil os cionn 90,000 teaghlaigh ar liostaí le haghaidh tithiocht shóisialta, tá saineólaithe is polaiteóirí an rialtais ag maíomhm anois go bhfuil an ghéarcheim tithíochta ag teacht chun deiridh toisc go bhfuil praghasanna ag dul i mead sa bpríomh-chathair. Free article

Who is standing up for farmers?

1 September 2014

SOMETIMES it is said that Irish agriculture is over regulated, that people cannot farm as they used to. It is only regulated for some people because the latest crisis in beef prices makes me think that the beef processors can do what they like – that they are not subject to regulation at all. Premium service article

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