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1 September 2014 Edition

David Cameron and unionist parties reinforcing political logjams, Gerry Adams warns

1 September 2014

THE lack of evidence of any intention by the British Government or the unionist leaderships to engage in real negotiations commencing in September presents the political process with “its greatest challenge since the Good Friday Agreement negotiations in 1998”, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has warned. Free article

Support the locked-out Greyhound workers

1 September 2014

THE LOCKOUT of workers at Greyhound Recycling and Recovery in Dublin enters its fourth month in September with no resolution in sight. Free article

Caithfear deireadh a chur leis

1 September 2014

TÁ GRÚPA athbhreithnithe fógartha ag an Aire Dlí & Comhionannas le féachaint ar an gcóras atá againn le h-óstaiocht a dhéanamh ar dhaoine a thagann anseo ag lorg tearmann, ar a dtugtar Cóireáil Dhíreach nó Direct Provision. Ach, ní theann an athbhreithniú teoranta atá luaite aici go dtí croi na faidhbe – sin go bhfuil an bunchóras fabhtach, mídhaonna agus ag cruthú níos mó deacrachtaí ná mar atá sé ag leigheas. Free article

Unionists surrender to Tory war on the welfare state

1 September 2014

BEFORE Westminster’s summer recess, I was in London to speak to MPs and lobby groups about the impact of the Welfare Reform Act across Britain. Given that the Tory and Liberal Democrats Government and the unionist parties are adamant that this legislation will be applied in the North of Ireland, it’s important to look at the facts of just how these so-called ‘reforms’ are affecting people in Britain. Premium service article

‘Tory welfare cuts in North would be disastrous’ – British Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn

1 September 2014

BRITISH LABOUR MP Jeremy Corbyn says that imposing Tory welfare cuts in the North would lead to increased levels of poverty and inequality. Premium service article

Stop Tory Cuts

1 September 2014

THE consequences of the Tory agenda are a real loss of income for real people. Welfare reform is an anti-poor and anti-working-class policy. It is an attack on the welfare state. Free article

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The right to remember

1 September 2014

RECENTLY I have been considering what motivated an estimated 210,000 Irishmen to enlist in the British Army during the First World War. It is a question that has exercised minds in Ireland for many years, perhaps more so recently in the context of the upcoming centenary commemorations. Free article

The myth of media balance

1 September 2014

HADAR GOLDIN was killed on 1 August. He was an Israeli soldier, reported as “kidnapped” across the world’s news media in Rafah, Gaza. In the hours afterwards, amid claims that Hamas had broken a tentative ceasefire with Israel, 107 Palestinians were killed in Israeli rocket and shelling attacks. I know few of the names of these 107. Free article

Irish teen Ibrahim Halawa on hunger strike in Egyptian prison

1 September 2014

OVER A YEAR has passed since 18-year-old Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa was arrested in Egypt alongside his sisters Somaia, Fatima and Omaima for taking part in a protest in support of democratically-elected president Mohammed Morsi after he was ousted in a coup by the Egyptian Army. Free article

British Army generals knew about collusion

1 September 2014

THE Ulster Defence Regiment – the largest regiment in the British Army during the conflict – definitely was “in collusion with unionist paramilitaries”. And the British Army officially admits that. Free article

Mary Lou McDonald and Francie Molloy in Australia

1 September 2014

TWO leading Sinn Féin representatives will be on a speaking tour across Australia from 30 August to 7 September, visiting Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Free article

Remembering the Hunger Strike and Gaza martyrs

1 September 2014

ALONG the main street of the County Fermanagh village of Derrylin on Sunday 3 August, the thousands marching to remember the 1981 Hunger Strike with a myriad of flags and banners (and many Palestinian flags) was a sign of the exuberance of republicans in Ireland today. Free article

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