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1 July 2014 Edition

The tide of change

1 July 2014

THE sensational election results of May are still sending tremors through the Establishment political parties and the mainstream media, hence the increasingly hysterical attacks on Sinn Féin. Free article

Sinn Féin gets back to work

1 July 2014

THE DUST had barely settled on the ballot boxes being put back into storage after the elections than Sinn Féin activists met for an all-Ireland strategy conference at a west Dublin venue on Saturday 21 June. Free article

Fermanagh & South Tyrone – crossroads in history

1 July 2014

“SANDS, BOBBY . . . Anti H-Block Armagh Political Prisoner . . . Thirty thousand, four hundred and ninety-two,” said the returning officer as he announced the result of the Fermanagh & South Tyrone by-election held on 9 April 1981. Premium service article

Tensions rise for marching season

1 July 2014

AFTER MEETING Britain’s Queen Elizabeth at Hillsborough Castle outside Belfast on Monday 23 June, joint First Minister Martin McGuinness said he will “continue to offer positive political leadership”. He reaffirmed his commitment and that of Sinn Féin to reconciliation between the people of Ireland and Britain. Free article

God is on our side

1 July 2014

The Democratic Unionist Party: From Protest to Power has been hailed by the Belfast Telegraph as “masterly” and “the most definitive study of Northern Ireland’s most powerful political party ever undertaken”. Premium service article

Government pledges inquiry into ‘hellish’ mother and baby homes

1 July 2014

AN TAOISEACH pledged a full Commission of Investigation into mother and baby homes across the state on the morning the Dáil was set to debate a Sinn Féin emergency motion calling for just such a probe after the horrific discovery of a mass grave at the former site of one such institution in Galway. Free article

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Sinn Féin takes top position on Six-County ‘super councils’

1 July 2014

SUCCESSES for Sinn Féin in May’s local government elections in the Six Counties have brought breakthroughs with councillors taking top positions on several authorities. Free article

The funniest man on two wheels

1 July 2014

THE MASTER of improvisation on the hit hidden camera TV show Naked Camera is bricking it. He’s got first-time nerves. PJ Gallagher has never spoken at a Sinn Féin Summer School before. Free article

The Boys from the Good Stuff

1 July 2014

THE SIMMERING turf cutters row may have dropped out of the mainstream media headlines in recent months but it is still very much a live issue on the ground in the Midlands and the West. Here, families have cut turf to heat their homes for generations and the move to ban cutting on certain bogs has caused deep outrage. Premium service article

‘Blame game’ politics are stopping progress – it’s time to move forward

1 July 2014

SEVENTIETH anniversary ceremonies to mark events that changed the direction of the Second World War have just concluded. Free article

Choosing our words carefully

1 July 2014

REV STEVE STOCKMAN, Minister of Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, Belfast, and Fr Martin J Magill, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Belfast, penned a very interesting and challenging article in the June edition of An Phoblacht. Free article

Israel to force-feed Palestinian hunger strikers

1 July 2014

THE Israeli Parliament may still authorise the force-feeding of Palestinian political prisoners even though an agreement was being reported – on the day An Phoblacht went to print – to end a mass hunger strike against the use of internment without trial and brutality against prisoners. Free article

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