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5 August 2013 Edition

Hunger Strike Commemoration – The revolution has always been in the hands of the young

5 August 2013

'The other people in the room covered the spectrum of ages of the ten men who died in Long Kesh in 1981 – not one had reached their 30th birthday' Free article

A way forward for the Orange Order

5 August 2013

THE Orange Order’s determination to continue its weekly protests over Parades Commission restrictions on its events in north Belfast is disappointing. It is hard to see what it hopes to achieve without a more rounded and conciliatory approach to resolving the contentious issue of marches and parades close to nationalist and interface areas. Free article

Abolish the Seanad – Reform the Dáil

5 August 2013

SINN FÉIN is supporting a ‘Yes’ vote for the abolition of the Seanad in the referendum on 4 October. Free article

Vote ‘Yes’ to abolish the Seanad

5 August 2013

SINN FÉIN is supporting the abolition of the Seanad and is calling for a ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum on 4 October. Free article

‘Outside elements’ blamed for drunken sectarian rampage

5 August 2013

A SECTARIAN ATTACK on Protestant homes and cars by a mob of up to 100 drunken youths in a Friday night rampage has been denounced across the political spectrum, including by nationalist neighbours, Sinn Féin and local community leaders. Free article

Solidarity with John Downey

5 August 2013

A NUMBER of developments took place in the case of John Downey since publication of the last print edition of An Phoblacht, including a motion by Donegal County Council, lobbying by Sinn Féin elected representatives, and solidarity events held by friends and supporters around the country. Free article

The IRA at the movies

5 August 2013

The IRA on Film and Television. By Mark Connelly. McFarland & Company, North Carolina, USA. Price £46.95 Premium service article

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Heritage Minister’s decision part preserves historic 1916 site

5 August 2013

ON 16 July, TDs were finally allowed by developers to tour the National Monument at Moore Street, having previously been refused entry by developer Chartered Land on a number of occasions. Free article

The Battle for Moore Street

5 August 2013

I MEET Jim Connolly Heron – the great grandson of James Connolly – and Save Moore Street campaign spokesperson Patrick Cooney in Leinster House. Just four days earlier they were due to visit the National Monument on Moore Street alongside TDs Gerry Adams, Mícheál Martin, Joe Costello and Maureen O’Sullivan to see for themselves the awful condition the terrace is in. At the last minute, developer Chartered Land refused permission for them to visit, declaring the presence of Jim and Patrick was unacceptable. It was the third time that leaders of political parties have been denied access. Free article

‘We can’t afford equality’

5 August 2013

LABOUR PARTY TDs have been forced to vote against their own policies on equality to appease their masters in Fine Gael during Private Members’ Business in the Dáil. Free article

The Lockout’s legacy of struggle is needed now

5 August 2013

AUGUST marks the centenary of the Great Lockout of 1913, when bosses in Dublin locked thousands of workers out of their jobs because the workers refused to sign a pledge not to join the Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union. Free article

‘Trade unions must roll up their sleeves and get active’

5 August 2013

MEETING John Douglas in his General Secretary’s office at the Mandate trade union HQ in Parnell Square is an education in history itself. Premium service article

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