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24 August 2006 Edition

Sectarian terror: Family targeted in attempted murder

24 August 2006

A solitary PSNI Land Rover sat just below the entrance to Old Throne Park on Sunday, 20 August. This was the only sign that the PSNI was taking seriously a loyalist attempt, hours earlier, to burn a Catholic family to death. Free article

Parades Commission criticised over loyalist bands

24 August 2006

Sinn Féin representatives across the North are criticising the Parades Commission over the behaviour of loyalist bands at marches in Limavady and Rasharkin. Free article

Morris Report: Garda corruption rampant throughout the state

24 August 2006

Last week saw the publication of the third, fourth and fifth reports of the Morris Tribunal investigating allegations of serious Garda corruption in Donegal. Free article

Health policy launched in Roscommon

24 August 2006

As part of a summer long series of visits to different parts of the country promoting Sinn Féin's new health policy, Healthcare in an Ireland of Equals, Sinn Féin Health spokesperson Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin TD visited Roscommon on Wednesday, 16 August. Following a tour of the local hospital, he formally launched the document in Roscommon's Royal Hotel where he was delighted at the positive response to the party's proposals. Free article


Seawright revelation exposes Paisley hypocrisy

24 August 2006

The illegal unionist paramilitary group the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), responsible for countless sectarian murders in the North since the late 1960s and for a string of bomb attacks in the 26 Counties, has admitted that a former leading representative of Ian Paisley's DUP was one of its members. Free article

Michael Devine remembered across Ireland

24 August 2006

Last weekend and in subsequent days, Republicans across Ireland paid tribute to Michael Devine, the last of the 10 republican Hunger Strikers to give their lives in 1981. Free article

CR gas controversy: new admission from British soldiers

24 August 2006

Sinn Féin Assembly member Raymond McCartney has called on the British government to finally come clean on the use of the lethal CR gas in Long Kesh in October 1974. McCartney's call comes after a group of former British soldiers admitted in interviews with the Daily Ireland newspaper that the gas used was not CS gas as previously stated by the British government. Free article

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