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10 November 2005 Edition

North raids - Political agenda driving PSNI Stage managed arrests

10 November 2005

"The PSNI operation against republicans is being driven by the political agenda of securocrats within the PSNI," said Sinn Féin's Michelle Gildernew. The MP for Fermanagh/South Tyrone was commenting following a series of raids and arrests in Tyrone, Down, Belfast and Derry being linked to last year's £26.5 million Northern Bank robbery. Free article

British Government publishes OTR legislation

10 November 2005

Legislation dealing with the issue of 'On The Runs' (OTRs) has been published by the British Government and has been broadly welcomed by Sinn Féin. The proposals cover around 150 people 'on the run' since the introduction of Internment in the 1970s. Since the Good Friday Agreement the British Government has continued to refuse to let many people return to the North without facing imprisonment. Free article

Report names loyalist killers of Séamus Ludlow

10 November 2005

A report into the murder of Dundalk man Séamus Ludlow has named four loyalists suspected of carrying out his killing and highlighted the corrupt role played by the Gardaí in the investigation into his death. Free article

Partitionist views of establishment parties exposed

10 November 2005

Grassroots members of Fianna Fáil were challenged to "step back and re-appraise whether that party any longer represents their aspirations for a united Ireland". The call was made by Arthur Morgan TD during the final day of the Sinn Féin sponsored debate on Irish unity. Free article


10,000 workers shout stop

10 November 2005

The combined voices of 10,000 workers, four political parties and the Trade Union Movement have all called on the Dublin Government to intervene in the Irish Ferries dispute which returned to the Labour Court this week after one of the largest trade union marches seen in Dublin in over a decade. Free article

Decision plays into hands of those opposed to Peace Process

10 November 2005

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has called off a trip to the United States this week because of a decision to deny him a fundraising visa. Commenting Monday on the decision to deny him the fundraising visa Adams said: "This is an effort by elements within the US administration to get Sinn Féin to change our position on policing, something which can only be done by Sinn Féin and our electorate. Free article

Government lies over use of Shannon exposed

10 November 2005

• Photographs taken at Shannon Airport last Saturday and published above, show in graphic detail the 26-County state's continuing complicity in the war in Iraq. Huge numbers of US soldiers, in full uniforms, mixed with civilians in the main lounge of Shannon Airport last Saturday. This gives a lie to the government's pretence of neutrality and is also in direct contravention of the Defence Act of 1954, which specifically prohibits foreign soldiers from appearing on Irish soil in their uniforms. Free article

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