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4 August 2005 Edition

Welcome for demilitarisation start

4 August 2005

Commenting on Peter Hain's announcement, on 1 August, that the British Government has put in place a comprehensive plan for demilitarisation in the Six Counties, Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy said, the party wanted the demilitarisation of the North to be completed as soon as possible. "Sinn Féin wants a speedy and comprehensive end to the military occupation of the North," he said. Free article

Plan for demilitarisation outlined

4 August 2005

This paper provides the updated version of the normalisation programme which was promised in the British Government's statement 28 July. The steps which will be undertaken in a normalisation programme assuming an enabling environment is created and maintained will be as follows: Free article

McGuinness welcomes IRA statement

4 August 2005

Speaking in Washington on Thursday last Martin McGuinness gave his response to the historic IRA statement: "I warmly welcome today's statement and to commend the IRA for this decisive initiative. It contains the potential to unlock the political stalemate that has frozen the Irish Peace Process and the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

Hugely positive international reaction

4 August 2005

Last week's historic statement by Oglaigh n héireann was headline news across the world and elicited enthusiastic responses from political leaders and friends of Ireland internationally. The overwhelming majority of reactions were positive and warmly welcoming. Free article


Positive and enthusiastic US response

4 August 2005

On Wednesday 27 July a Sinn Féin delegation, including the party's Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness and US representative Rita O'Hare, travelled to the United States. An Phoblacht's John McClure accompanied them on a remarkable 48-hour visit. Free article

Dempsey orders offshore pipeline to proceed

4 August 2005

Minister for Marine and Natural Resources Noel Dempsey, on Monday of this week ordered Shell to dismantle the pipeline it has illegally constructed in County Mayo. Then on Tuesday 2 August, Dempsey following his much publicised order to Shell, gave his consent to the multinational to start laying the 92kms offshore, under sea, pipeline through which it plans to bring raw gas to the shore through Broadhaven Bay. Free article

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