4 August 2005 Edition

Renewed calls for implementation of Agreement

4 August 2005

Political reaction by the Dublin and British Governments to the announcement by the IRA of an end to its armed campaign was swift and positive. In an official joint statement both governments acknowledged the significance of the IRA statement and said they were "hopeful that the practical elements of this statement will be implemented in the terms set out. If the IRA's words are borne out by actions, it will be a momentous and historic development." Free article

Pushover or leftover unionism?

4 August 2005

Apparently no one told the DUP. DUP Assembly members were holding their regular Monday morning meeting in Stormont when a telephone call alerted Jeffery Donaldson to news reports of the disbandment of the 'Home Service', battalions of the RIR. "It came like a bolt out of the blue," admitted one DUP MLA. "It was a bomb shell,'' said his party colleague. Free article

Sectarian onslaught continues in Antrim and North Belfast

4 August 2005

A catalogue of unionist attacks on unsuspecting nationalists since last weekend have seen an Ardoyne man hospitalised after sectarian thugs almost cut off his fingers in a machete attack. Unionists also carried out a sustained stoning bombardment of up to six houses in Antigua Street, off the Oldpark Road, in Belfast putting the safety of pensioners and children at risk. Free article

Tyrone families launch Shoot-to-Kill petition

4 August 2005

The families of people shot dead by the crown forces in shoot-to-kill operations in County Tyrone have launched a petition in support of the family of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, shot dead by British police in London two weeks ago. Free article

Basque band to play Derry's Sandino

4 August 2005

This year's Derry Féile '05 will see a unique combination of traditional Irish and Basque music as the city pays host to Urgabe, the Basque Country's top selling indie/rock outfit. In a series of sessions in the city Urgabe will perform in both the Gweedore Bar and Sandino's Café Bar this Thursday with their unique blend of traditional Basque instruments and modern beats and harmonies. Free article

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