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12 August 2004 Edition

Governments must deliver

12 August 2004

The talks due to take place in September will be an opportunity to resolve all outstanding issues pertaining to the Good Friday Agreement. Free article

What is required for September talks success

12 August 2004

Last week, in a series of interviews, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said republicans need to be prepared to remove the issues of the IRA and of IRA arms as an excuse for unionists to block political progress in the Six Counties. Free article

Talks must resolve all outstanding matters - BY SINN FÉIN PRESIDENT GERRY ADAMS

12 August 2004

The two governments generally describe the outstanding issues in the 'stalled' political process as 'paramilitarism and powersharing'. Of course they, or at least the British Government, don't mean paramilitarism. They mean the IRA. In most cases that is the focus of the media as well. Free article

Doherty spells out demand for national self-determination

12 August 2004

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty last Friday told an international conference in Geneva that the demand for Irish national self-determination remains undiminished. The Sinn Féin Vice President was opening the second International Confer-ence on Self-Determination, the United Nations and International Civil Society, organised by the International Human Rights Association of American Minorities and the International Council for Human Rights. Free article


Money or nothing

12 August 2004

Money comes first, that is the message this summer. Money comes before jobs, worker safety, before your right to housing. Money is the easy option, whether it means being a private or public sector employer or even being in government. Whether saving or spending it money is, it seems, everything. Free article

15 years fighting for the truth - Geraldine Finucane delivers the PJ McGrory Memorial Lecture

12 August 2004

The covert killing of Irish people by the British state was a recurring theme during this year's festival. During the annual commemoration of Internment rally, hundreds of relatives of the victims of state collusion carried photographs of those who were murdered while calling for the British state to tell the truth about its involvement in the killings. Free article

Collusion relatives march for justice

12 August 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly member for South Belfast Alex Maskey, was the main speaker at last Sunday's rally in West Belfast, which highlighted the collusion between the British government and unionist death squads in the Six Counties. Free article

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