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12 August 2004 Edition

Smokers' bars and smoking guns

12 August 2004

By the time former political prisoner and senior republican Seanna Walsh rose to speak at the 'West Belfast Talks Back' Féile event last week, he was speaking in an already charged atmosphere. Free article

Hands in history

12 August 2004

One of the oldest pieces of artwork in the world is a handprint in Kaakadoo Cave, left there by an Australian aborigine 60,000 years ago. On a recent trip to Australia, artist Raymond Watson heard about the hand and the story behind it. Free article

Can Dubs conquer the Kingdom?

12 August 2004

For Dubliner MATT TREASAIGH, political advisor to North Kerry TD Martin Ferris in Leinster House, this weekend's quarter-final clash between Dublin and Kerry is personal. Here's why. Free article

Cúlra an Choill

12 August 2004

Fertility, kingship, poetic inspiration and the gift of wisdom are all qualities that the Hazel tree is associated with. As the nuts are just ripening, now is the time that the Celts honour this noble tree, writes AN DRAOI RUA. Free article

Collins and Boland: heroes or villains?

12 August 2004

Unravelling the historical conundrum that is Michael Collins and the legacy that he and others of that time bequeathed to us rumbles on and featured in a lunchtime debate as part of West Belfast's Féile. Free article

Examining the Yugoslav conflict

12 August 2004

This account of the Yugoslav crisis in the 1990s could yet emerge as the definitive account of this tragic period. Unlike the other surveys done to date, which tend to concentrate solely on the imponderable ethnic hatreds that exists between the various nationalities, this book highlights the greater role played by external powers with imperial interests in causing internal instability. Free article

How Irish is RTÉ?

12 August 2004

CHRIS ROWLAND argues that the state broadcaster is failing badly in its duty to deliver quality home-produced programming and offers his idea of what is needed to remedy the situation. Free article

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