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1 September 2013 Edition

Stolen babies – The next campaign for justice

1 September 2013

Joanne Spain tells her own heart-breaking story in one of the great scandals left in the history of Catholic Church-run, state-supported institutions – the mother and baby homes Free article

A treasure trove of Irish political and social history

1 September 2013

THE IRISH NATION will forever owe a debt of gratitude to Jackie Clarke.

A Ballina-based fish merchant and lifelong member of Sinn Féin, Jackie amassed one of the most significant private collections of Irish political history in existence.

The huge and all-embracing historical archive is a treasure trove of Irish history packed with artefacts, photographs, books, pamphlets... Free article

Tackling the core question

1 September 2013

QUESTIONS are asked of us all in life. Everyone has to answer. With the gaze of more than 83,000 spectators fixed upon you, millions more viewing on TV, the answer you give is not easily going to be forgotten. Every player in Croke Park this September knows this. Free article

Sky’s the limit for Irish soccer

1 September 2013

HAVE YOU given any thought to the British and Irish Lions in recent weeks? I didn’t think so. The media hype is over; the Sky Sports advertising drive has moved to the English Premiership; the Lions replica kit is now (thankfully) on the discount rail. Free article

Reigniting the flame of freedom

1 September 2013

WHO SAYS the uncensored news of An Phoblacht is no longer needed? In August, one of the largest political demonstrations of the year took place in the town of Monaghan... The event was completely ignored by RTÉ and most of the ‘national’ media. Premium service article

Don’t be fooled by Fianna Fáil, Soldiers of Austerity

1 September 2013

In Government, do you think Fianna Fáil would do anything other than what the current Government is doing in its budget submissions? Free article

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Thousands of workers on call 24/7 with no guarantee of work or pay

1 September 2013

THOUSANDS of low-paid Irish employees are on call seven days a week with no guarantee of work and can have their shifts cancelled at a moment’s notice with minimal compensation. Free article

A single island economy makes sense

1 September 2013

IT’S OFTEN SAID (and often glibly without contradiction by commentators or any real analysis), ‘We just cannot afford a united Ireland.’ Really? Free article

Behind Enemy Lines – The Fenians’ bombing campaign in Victorian Britain

1 September 2013

DR SHANE KENNA speaks to An Phoblacht’s MARK MOLONEY about his forthcoming book on how the Fenians brought a new form of warfare to the streets of 1880s Britain Free article

Mollie Carroll – Flying the flag for freedom

1 September 2013

EASTER 1920: Groups of Irish-American women take to the streets of US cities in support of Irish freedom and to commemorate the Easter Rising of 1916. A novel protest at the British Embassy in Washington led by Mollie Carroll would become a world first and make front-page news across the globe. Free article

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