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Remembering the 1916 Easter Rising means discussing the future

18 April 2014

Irish republicans use Easter week as an opportunity to commemorate and remember our patriot dead. It is also an occasion to reflect upon the legacy of Easter 1916 and how that should inform our vision for the future. Free article

Fianna Fáil senator's 'dishonest' political point scoring on LGBT New York video

4 March 2014

Senator Averil Power refused to change her script and she insisted Sinn Féin used her words, not theirs Free article

'UDA night show of strength' at Belfast community centre

4 March 2014

Sinn Féin calls for investigation by Belfast City Council as loyalist gang hold 'show of strength' at council-owned community centre Free article

One year on from Taoiseach's apology and still no justice for Magdalene survivors

2 March 2014

Over 100 people attend Flowers for Magdalenes event at Glasnevin Cemetery to honour women and girls who died while incarcerated in Magdalene Laundries Free article

OTRs ('On the Runs') – Video: Gerry Kelly looks at the DUP 'on the run'

1 March 2014

Sinn Féin North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly describes the last few days of unionist bluster over the OTRs ('On the Runs') as collective amnesia, revisionist history and untruths by the DUP in particular. Free article

Cronyism on state boards must end, says Sinn Féin

28 February 2014

Sinn Féin launches proposals on corporate governance to end culture of cronyism on state boards Free article

British Labour Party should spell out strategy for consolidating Peace Process

28 February 2014

It is essential that the British Labour Party stands with the rest of us in support of the Peace Process, argues Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney Free article

OTRs – Martin McGuinness talks about republican 'On the Runs' and unionist reaction

27 February 2014

Talk of letters is a red herring – ‘Everybody knew that there was a scheme and that scheme was being proceeded with,’ says Martin McGuinness Free article

Video: Rehab CEO grilled by Mary Lou McDonald at Public Accounts Committee

27 February 2014

CEO of charity which receives €83million in public funding refuses to divulge more information on her expense account Free article

Remembering Volunteers Henry Hogan and Declan Martin

24 February 2014

See An Phoblacht March 2014 edition for a report by Peadar Whelan in Dunloy on the Hogan/Martin Commemoration Free article

ETA begins to put arms beyond use – 'Very significant step,' says Gerry Adams

21 February 2014

Sinn Féin leader says Spain needs to build on this opportunity Free article

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2014 year of change

A chara,

Sinn Féin is in government in the North and is a major political party in the Dáil and in local government across this island.

We are the only all-Ireland political party and with each passing day our membership is increasing, our organisational capacity is improving, and we are presenting realistic alternative policies to meet the needs of 21st century Ireland.

On May 22nd and May 23rd, more than 350 men and women will be standing for Sinn Féin in the European and local government elections, north and south.

For those who reject austerity and want a different future, a better future; who want hope for themselves and for their families; who want jobs and prosperity; and who want a real republic on this island – Sinn Féin is that future.

Make 2014 a year of change.

If you want a new future – a New Republic – help Sinn Féin in our fundraising efforts by contributing to our election campaign.

Thank you for whatever you can afford.

Lánaigí libh agus beirigí bua!

Is mise,

Gerry Adams TD

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The Irish Volunteer — tOglác na hÉireann was first published on 7 February 1914 and every week until 22 April 1916, just days before the Easter Rising.

Acting as the official newspaper of the Irish Volunteers it outlined the political views of the leadership and reported on the and important events, such as the Howth Gun Running of 1914.

Included in its pages alongside political opinions and news reports are various advertisements for such items as revolvers, bandoliers and military uniforms from stockists across Ireland.

You can now read these fascinating insights into Irish revolutionary history with an online subscription to An Phoblacht for just €10 per year. This includes a digital copy of each new edition of the paper and Iris magazine, access to our digitised historic archives as well as copies of The Irish Volunteer.

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