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Ireland must be a voice for the Palestinian people

23 February 2024

Writing in his latest blog, Declan Kearney said that the future of Palestine demands that the democratic world finally acts decisively in support of people's fundamental, national and human rights. Free article

An Phoblacht Issue 4 - 2022 out now

12 December 2022

Time for Change is the theme of the latest An Phoblacht magazine which is available now Free article

Issue 3 of An Phoblacht online

12 December 2022

Issue 3 of An Phoblacht in print has sold out. The articles are now online, but why not get a subscription for An Phoblacht and not miss out on getting the magazine delivered to your door. Free article

The new Free State slays four Republicans in Mountjoy

6 December 2022

The new Irish Free State of 26 Counties officially came into existence on 6 December 1922. Two days later on 8 December its government committed an act that was to define its treacherous nature in the eyes of Republicans for many years - the execution of Liam Mellows, Rory O’Connor, Joe McKelvey and Richard Barrett in Mountjoy Jail. Free article

Seán McIlvenna remembered in Glasgow

5 December 2022

Sinn Féin’s European Representative Martina Anderson was in Glasgow last weekend speaking at an event to mark the 38th anniversary of Volunteer Seán McIlvenna, organised by the flute band named after the Belfast born republican. Free article

Bus workers killed in Dublin bombings remembered 50 years on

1 December 2022

The 50th anniversary of the deaths of three Dublin bus workers was marked in the city on 1 December, the date on which Tommy Duffy and George Bradshaw were killed in Sackville Place off O’Connell Street. Tommy Douglas was killed in the same place on 20 January 1973. Free article

100th Anniversary of Liam Mellows to be marked in Galway

30 November 2022

Galway republicans will remember and commemorate Liam Mellows on 4 December, in Athenry. This Galway Sinn Féin event will commence with a march from Athenry Community Park at 2pm by a piper-led procession walking past his former residence in the town to the 1916 Commemorative Garden. Free article

The siege of Gaza is a humanitarian and political crisis - Declan Kearney

29 November 2022

Writing in his latest blog, Declan Kearney said the siege of Gaza is a humanitarian and political crisis. Free article

The fight for housing justice in Dublin’s Liberties

25 November 2022

To mark this weekend’s Raise the Roof protests we profile the journey of Oliver Bond residents in seeking fair regeneration of their social housing estate within the gentrifying inner-city neighbourhood of the Liberties in Dublin. Free article

Dublin remembers executed Republicans

23 November 2022

The execution of Erskine Childers 100 years ago on 24 November 1922 marked the culmination of the demonisation of this principled, committed and talented Republican activist by both the British and Free State governments. Free article

A time to manage and not deny change – real leadership is required

15 November 2022

Sinn Féin’s Declan Kearney has said now is a time to ‘manage and not deny change’ and said real leadership is required. Free article

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