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The two significant Sinn Féin and royal meetings will promote reconciliation and healing

22 May 2015

Substantive and historic events have occurred this week to assist us all in moving forward. They should not be squandered – they should be built upon Free article

British Government operating against Irish, Scottish and Welsh interests on EU referendum

12 May 2015

A situation where part of Ireland is in the European Union and the other part outside would be 'economically devastating' Free article

Francis Hughes – Died on May 12th 1981 on hunger strike in the H-Blocks

12 May 2015

THE DEATH of Francis Hughes at the age of 25 on hunger strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh saw not the end of a legend but a new chapter in what was, by any measure, the story of one of the most fearless and tenacious guerrilla fighters of the 20th Century and of the Irish Republican Army. Free article

Hundreds attend funeral of 'Jock' Davison in Belfast

11 May 2015

The 47-year-old was shot dead on Tuesday 5 May as he walked to work in the Markets Development Association Free article

'Tory cuts are totally unacceptable' says Martin McGuinness

11 May 2015

Deputy First Minister says a united approach from all parties in North needed to resist more welfare and services cuts Free article

Irish Labour Party also under pressure

9 May 2015

Sinn Féin’s economic alternative offers a route to a fair recovery. Maybe that’s why Labour Party Minister Kelly is so desperate to misrepresent our policies Free article

Belfast communities defy criminal killers

9 May 2015

People of south and east Belfast throng vigil for Gerard 'Jock' Davison Free article

EH Bildu – The Basque Way for Peace

8 May 2015

Euskal Herria Bildu has presented 'The Basque way for Peace', EH Bildu’s own proposal regarding the resolution of the consequences of the conflict. Free article

Westminster elections – Sinn Féin defends mandate to oppose austerity

8 May 2015

Unionist pact takes Fermanagh & South Tyrone in DUP/UUP link-up against progressive politics Free article

An tÓglach – The Irish Volunteer, 8th May 1915

8 May 2015

Series by Mícheál Mac Donncha chronicling the road to the 1916 Rising as seen through the pages of An tÓglach – the Irish Volunteer from 24 April 1915 to 22 April 1916 Free article

Fine Gael slur on unemployed 'straight out of Thatcher's playbook'

7 May 2015

Minister for Finance criticised for claiming some unemployed people are 'allergic to work' Free article

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