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7 September 2020 Edition

An Opposition for the People

7 September 2020

A little over four weeks ago, I said that Sinn Féin would be the most effective opposition in the history of the state. An opposition for the people. Free article

Championing the change so many people want

7 September 2020

In the weeks since the formation of the new coalition, Sinn Féin in Leinster House have focussed on issues such as housing, health, return of schools, childcare, workers’ rights, ensuring fair play from the banking and insurance sector, and the need for a just economic recovery. Free article

The people want to see the Executive and Assembly delivering

7 September 2020

With the establishment of the new Executive, a key part of the Good Friday Agreement and the political institutions it created was restored. The people made it clear to us that they wanted to see the Assembly and Executive up and running and delivering for them. Free article

Making workplace democracy relevant

7 September 2020

As the fourth industrial revolution defines this era trade unions, civil society and political forces need to find a way to create a common and cooperative narrative Free article

Tackling the mental health crisis

7 September 2020

The World Health Organisation has stated that COVID-19 could cause a global mental health crisis and indeed, as a result of necessary restrictions being put in place, there has been an upsurge in people looking to avail of mental health supports. The longer this crisis goes on, the bigger the demand will be on services. Free article

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Little apples will grow again

7 September 2020

There was a collective sigh of relief from the Government when on 15th July the EU’s General Court ruled against the EU Commission in their case against Ireland/Apple. The Court found that the 0.005% corporate tax rate that Apple had availed of here did not constitute illegal state aid. Free article

Allow the people to have their say

7 September 2020

Micheál Martin in his quest to be Taoiseach has set aside pre-election promises and pre-conditions under the guise of the “National Interest”. All except two. He continued to refuse to talk to Sinn Féin and he continued to oppose an Irish unity referendum. Both these actions are about retaining power and opposing fundamental change. In a recent interview, the Taoiseach doubled down on this claiming that a “unity referendum” would be “divisive”. Free article

Capitalism on Life Support

7 September 2020

The Corona Virus pandemic brought the global economy to a standstill. Bill Mitchell and Louisa Connors offer an alternative assessment of the policy mistakes and ideological dead ends that got us here, as well as the challenges that await the EU as the prospect of another economic crisis grows. Free article

Díchoilínímis ár nIntinn

7 September 2020

Is amhlaidh gur próiseas foréigneach, fíochmhar, fuilteach é an coilíneachas. Gan dabht tá seanchur amach againne mar Ghaeil air. Deineadh íospartaigh dínn fén gcóras tíorántachta céanna, rud a d’fhág sinn cromtha ar leathghlúin ar feadh na gcianta, leathmharbh ag cosa an tSasanaigh, ach ar tinneall chun troda is chun saoirse riamh is choíche. Free article

Have Black lives ever mattered?

7 September 2020

Mumia Abu-Jamal is the most recognised political prisoner in the US today. Politicians, trade unions, musicians, authors, and activists have added their voices to the campaign demanding that he is immediately released from prison.  Free article

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