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2 November 2015 Edition

Opportunities for strategic advances should be embraced, not squandered

2 November 2015

IN A PIECE of political context-setting for the next Dáil general election, Taoiseach Enda Kenny recently told a European audience there had been a bloodless coup in Ireland and that the Central Bank Governor had said troops would be deployed around banks to justify his Coalition’s acquiescence with the Troika’s austerity programme. Free article

Sea – Cothromaíocht!

2 November 2015

BHÍ RÍMEÁD agus cathréimeachas le brath sa tSeanad le déanaí nuair a glacadh leis an mBille um Pósadh, a thugann feidhm reachtúil do chinneadh na cosmhuintire cothromaíocht pósadh a bhronnadh ar ghach saoránach. Free article

Will unionist paramilitary initiative deliver?

2 November 2015

“ANY GENUINE MOVE towards disbandment would be positive,” said Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly, responding to the loyalist initiative launched on Tuesday 13 October in Belfast. Spokespersons for the three main unionist death squads – the Ulster Volunteer Force, Ulster Defence Association and Red Hand Commando – unveiled the new Loyalist Communities Council with the stated intentions of tackling criminality and addressing social and educational disadvantage in loyalist communities. Premium service article

Clear potential for changing Ireland

2 November 2015

BEHIND the mask of recovery lies a scarred society which is the legacy of austerity and the bailouts. This is most visible in rising rates of food poverty, over 90,000 on waiting lists for social housing, 1,500 homeless children, patients on hospital trolleys, families torn apart by emigration and, most shamefully, child poverty has doubled to almost 12% – that’s 138,000 children. All this while 40% of all children, 63% of lone parents and 20% of all workers are living in deprivation. Free article

Inquests – Struggling to find the truth

2 November 2015

IN MARCH 2001, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that (under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights) the British Government breached the right to life of people killed by the state during the armed conflict in the North of Ireland due to its failure to carry out proper investigations into their deaths. Premium service article

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Prisoners of the past

2 November 2015

MARTIN NEESON, a republican political ex-prisoner, has been granted permission by the Belfast High Court to challenge a decision from the Stormont’s Department of Finance and Personnel that he was unsuitable for continued employment as a landscape gardener with conservation volunteers in west Belfast despite performing his duties without incident for the preceding 18 years. Premium service article

Níl na comhairli saor ó olc ach an oiread

2 November 2015

IS MAITH go bhfuil an Lucht Siuil a d’fhulaing an tragoid uafásach sin i gCarraig Maoinis le hathlonnú ag an gcomhairle áitiúil – faoi dheire thiar. Premium service article

South-East needs Sinn Féin voice

2 November 2015

Senator David Cullinane Q&A with Mark Moloney Premium service article

Conversations that need to be had – Hugo MacNeill

2 November 2015

Hugo MacNeill – Chairperson of the British Irish Association Board Member of the Ireland Funds. Played rugby for Ireland 37 times between 1981 and 1988, including the first Rugby World Cup in 1987 Free article

Jim Monaghan

2 November 2015

BORN in Donegal in 1945, as a child Jim Monaghan lived in the town of Rathmullan, on the shores of Lough Swilly. The town is most famous as the site where, in 1607, 'The Flight of the Earls' took place and the Gaelic leaders departed Ireland for Europe following their defeat precipitated by the Battle of Kinsale. Premium service article

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