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7 April 2022 Edition

Donaldson's dilemma

7 April 2022

In the aftermath of an indifferent performance by Unionism of all shades in the Assembly elections, Conor Keenan floats the potential of positive and progressive forces within the Unionist community emerging to bring about a different future for the North Free article

People are being pushed to breaking point

7 April 2022

The scale of the cost of living crisis across the whole of Ireland is addressed by Sinn Féin TD Claire Kerrane, who reports on Sinn Féin’s recent survey completed by 10,000 respondents. She highlights the Coalition government’s inaction and complacency, as well as the implications for cash strapped families in the North because of the DUP stalling on forming the Executive. Free article

The Fog of War: Ukraine and Russian Imperialism

7 April 2022

The ongoing tragedy and humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is still dominating our news media in Ireland and internationally. In this article, Chris Hazzard makes a personal analysis of other issues raised by the conflict, including the implications of an increasingly militarised Europe and the need for ‘a security architecture that prioritises peace, social justice, and recognises the sovereignty of small nations and their right to peacefully determine their own future’. Free article

Yemen: The forgotten war

7 April 2022

As the attention of the western world remains focused on the war in Ukraine and people in Ireland are daily horrified at the resulting humanitarian crisis there, another war, and what is currently the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis, is relatively ignored. Free article

A national maternity hospital built, managed and owned by the state

7 April 2022

On Wednesday 18 May, a Sinn Féin motion calling for the Dublin Government to secure full public ownership of the proposed site of the National Maternity Hospital site was passed in the Dáil. Below, we carry an edited version of Waterford Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane’s speech. David is the Sinn Féin spokesperson on Health and brought this motion before the Dáil. Free article

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