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28 May 2020 Edition

Let us keep believing in a new Ireland

28 May 2020

Mary Lou McDonald writes exclusively on post Covid Ireland and how Sinn Féin will keep working to deliver change. Free article

Press freedom predators must be challenged

28 May 2020

Roy Greenslade catalogues the growing challenges to press freedom around the world. Free article

The challenge of EU reform

28 May 2020

New Sinn Féin MEP Chris MacManus takes on the EU. - "The definition of a ‘small farmer’ in Sligo is quite a different concept to the one considered in Bavaria or the Po Valley in Italy" Free article

Referendum on Irish Unity is achievable and winnable

28 May 2020

Gerry Adams outlines the road to the referendum for a United Ireland. Free article

An economic vision for post Covid Ireland

28 May 2020

A new business model involving workplace democracy, green programmes, public housing initiatives, increased supports for families and workers and a climate friendly agriculture initiative are just some of the possibilities outlined by SIPTU researcher Michael Taft, as he considers the post-Covid ‘new normal’. Free article

We must have a recovery that builds a fairer society

28 May 2020

Caoimhe Archibald plans a post-Covid recovery that builds a fairer economy and society. Free article

Réabhlóid Gaeilge Shinn Féin

28 May 2020

Scríobhann Cónall Ó Córra faoin réabhlóid Gaeilge atá i mbun i Sinn Féin, agus an rath do ranganna Gaeilge an páirtí i rith Covid-19 Free article

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