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5 January 2016 Edition

‘Revolution 1916’ exhibition – Exclusive preview

5 January 2016

"REVOLUTION 1916 – The Original and Authentic Exhibition" opens to the public on 27 February 2016 in the Ambassador Theatre in the shadow of the Parnell Monument on Dublin’s O’Connell Street and here is a preview of what visitors will enjoy. Free article

Respectful commemorations and exploring shared values – John McCallister

5 January 2016

WE are in a decade of centenaries – the Ulster Covenant of 1912, the outbreak of the First World War, the 1916 Easter Rising and Battle of the Somme, the first meeting of Dáil Éireann in 1919, the Government of Ireland Act 1920, the first meeting of the Parliament of Northern Ireland in 1921. There will, of course, be those who are only too eager to use the centenaries to trumpet old, divisive narratives of our past on these island. They will do so to sow new discord and new division in 21st century Ireland, seeking to undermine the peace and new relationships we enjoy on this island. Free article

The murder of Seamus Ludlow

5 January 2016

ON SATURDAY 2 MAY 1976, 47-year-old forestry worker Seamus Ludlow had finished for the day at a timber yard in Ravensdale, County Louth, and went out to enjoy a drink and a few games of darts and rings with friends in Dundalk. Free article

United Ireland is good for your wealth – Economists

5 January 2016

THERE IS a growing consensus among economists that a united Ireland would be good for growth, jobs and living standards. One of the most important recent contributions is from Professor Kurt Huebner of Vancouver University. Free article

1916 centenary year should be about national renewal, hope and political progress

5 January 2016

THE YEAR AHEAD marks the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. This should be a time for national renewal, hope and political progress across Ireland. Free article

Déan Ceiliúradh ar an Ghaeltacht mar atá sí inniu

5 January 2016

Sa dara cuid dár sraith ‘ Ról an Stáit agus Ról an Phobail’, scríobhann fear gnó agus ceoil Breandán Ó hEaghra faoi thábhacht an dearfachas. Bhí Breandán páirteach i bpainéal plé a shocraigh Sinn Féin ar imeall na féile ag Oireachtas na Samhna chomh maith. Free article

Radical plan to tackle housing crisis

5 January 2016

SINN FÉIN has unveiled a radical plan to tackle the ongoing housing and homeless crisis in the state. The Better4Housing policy looks to build 100,000 social and affordable housing units over the next 15 years along with tackling spiralling rents, stronger protection for tenants and moves towards rent certainty. Free article

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Housing Bill voted down by Fine Gael/Labour

5 January 2016

IN NOVEMBER, Sinn Féin brought a Bill before the Dáil that hoped to curb the extent of the housing and homelessness crisis that has grown over the past five years to envelop practically every city and town. The crisis facing families, tenants, householders and the homeless is nothing but a result of government policy. Free article

Major Mansion House rally to kickstart a momentous year

5 January 2016

SINN FÉIN will begin its year of commemorative events to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising with a major rally in the Mansion House in Dublin on 7 January. It was in the Mansion House in 1918 that the first democratically-elected Irish parliament, Dáil Éireann, met and pledged its allegiance to the Republic proclaimed in Easter 1916. Free article

Sinn Féin’s pathway to universal healthcare

5 January 2016

SINN FÉIN launched its highly-detailed, realistic and fully-costed health policy in December – the 84-page Better4Health document proposes a radical overhaul of the Irish health system and the creation of a world-class, free-at-the-point-of-delivery, universal healthcare system funded by progressive taxation. Free article

People deserve the full truth

5 January 2016

THE REPORT into the economic crash of 2008 by the Dáil’s Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis is almost complete. It was set up almost two years ago. The final weeks have been a shambles. Free article

The Left ignores the national question at its peril

5 January 2016

WHILE the failure of the far-right National Front in France to win any of the regional assemblies in that country in the second round of voting was greeted with widespread relief, there remain fundamental questions – not only for Europe but for the European Left as well. Free article

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