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27 November 2017 Edition

An Phoblacht Abú – Leanfaidh Muid Ar Aghaigh

27 November 2017

WE ARE in the midst of a truly historic and exciting time of change within Sinn Féin and for our struggle for a united Ireland and an Irish Republic. Free article

Banking scandal – Latest to show the system’s failure

27 November 2017

AS WE FACE in to yet another round of scandals, maladministration, a failure to regulate and a general rip-off of the ordinary citizen, it is more and more apparent that the political and economic system isn’t working – at least not for ordinary voters. Free article

Housing still contentious 50 years after civil rights struggle

27 November 2017

HOUSING ALLOCATION was one of the central issues for civil rights campaigners in the 1960s as public housing allocated by local councils – invariably controlled by the Unionist Party – practised widespread discrimination against the Catholic/nationalist community. Free article

'6 into 32 – Finding a place for the North in a united Ireland’

27 November 2017

EIGHTY YEARS AGO, in 1937, Prime Minister James Craig was in his office in Parliament Buildings at Stormont. A Dubliner by the name of George Duggan was a senior civil servant at the time and was with the unionist leader as he finished up his papers for the night. Free article

Wicklow Gaol – 300 years of history

27 November 2017

THE IMPOSING BASTION of the historic Wicklow Gaol dominates the picturesque coastal settlement of Wicklow town. Free article

Another Europe is possible | Treo eile don Eoraip

27 November 2017

EU silence on police violence in Catalonia lambasted, Murder of Maltese anti-corruption investigator condemned, #MeToo: Parliament moves to tackle sexual harassment Free article

We need to talk about Liam

27 November 2017

“TODAY a grateful country thanks and honours him for always putting our nation first.” I wonder just what Fine Gael leader and new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar meant in his endorsement of the deceased Fine Gael leader and former Taoiseach, Liam Cosgrave. Free article

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The bitter fruits of the British Empire

27 November 2017

EVEN IF this book about Britain’s Indian empire is by an author named by the World Economic Forum in Davos in 1998 as a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” (scary), his study of how the British Empire damaged India is a damning indictment of imperial rule and its economic imperatives. Free article

Superb little volume that every republican should have

27 November 2017

IT SEEMS such an obvious concept but it is really surprising that no one has produced a book like this before now. Free article

Personal memoir, speculative journalism

27 November 2017

THERE’S LITTLE DOUBT that Martin Dillon is a technically-accomplished writer. His prose is pithy and engaging and makes for a free-flowing reading experience. The problem is not the style but some of the content. Free article

The Manchester Martyrs – 150th anniversary

27 November 2017

150 YEARS AGO this month, the trial, conviction and execution of three young Irishmen in Manchester caused a sensation throughout Ireland and Britain. The political reverberations were to continue for decades. The three men were William Philip Allen, Michael Larkin and Michael O’Brien – the Manchester Martyrs. Free article

Betty Anderson (nee McCaul), Derry City

27 November 2017

BETTY ANDERSON, my mother, was born in Derry’s Bogside in 1925 and lived her entire 92 years within less than a mile from her McCaul family home. From a staunchly republican family Betty married Billy ‘Dinky’ Anderson and they had ten children, seven girls and three boys. Free article

Dermot Moran, Woodford, Galway

27 November 2017

THE south Galway village of Woodford came to a standstill on 12 October as hundreds of republicans attended the funeral of the late Dermot Moran who was laid to rest in the Cemetery beside St John the Baptist Church, Woodford. Free article

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