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27 November 2017 Edition

An Phoblacht Abú – Leanfaidh Muid Ar Aghaigh

27 November 2017

WE ARE in the midst of a truly historic and exciting time of change within Sinn Féin and for our struggle for a united Ireland and an Irish Republic. Free article

A new chapter begins

27 November 2017

THE political momentum which has led to over half a million people voting for Sinn Féin in Ireland was clearly in evidence at the 2017 Ard Fheis. Free article

‘This is my last Ard Fheis as Uachtarán Shinn Féin’

27 November 2017

GERRY ADAMS announced during his Ard Fheis Presidential address live on RTÉ TV on Saturday night that he is to stand down as leader of Sinn Féin. Free article

‘This is the time for change’

27 November 2017

GERRY ADAMS talks to An Phoblacht Editor John Hedges after he tells the 2017 Ard Fheis it’s his last as President of Sinn Féin Free article

Cath na Catalóine

27 November 2017

IS LÉIR go bhfuil Cogadh na Faisnéise idir an Chatalóin agus Rialtas na Spáinne faoi lán tseoil cheana féin. Agus mé dhá scríobh seo, tá rudaí ag athrú in aghaidh an lae agus in amanna in aghaidh an uair a chloig sa gceantar. Free article

Gerry Adams – Giving his life to leadership

27 November 2017

I FIRST met Gerry Adams when, as a 19-year-old, I travelled the well-worn path from the Crumlin Road Courthouse to Cage 11 of Long Kesh. Gerry was there on the last lap of a five-year sentence for attempting to escape from internment without charge or trial. Free article

Getting out the republican message

27 November 2017

WE NERVOUSLY sold the first edition of Republican News from underneath our jackets after Mass outside St Paul’s Chapel on the Falls Road in west Belfast. Free article

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An Phoblacht – End of the monthly print run (but we haven’t gone away, y’know)

27 November 2017

AN PHOBLACHT has had an important role in the republican struggle down the decades. It will continue to do so. This is not the end of the story. Free article

Sinister RUC Special Branch relationship with UVF kept hidden

27 November 2017

THE DECISION by the North’s Director of Public Prosecutions not to prosecute two former Royal Ulster Constabulary officers and 11 Ulster Volunteer Force suspects accused of involvement in a series of murders and other serious offences on the word of UVF killer Gary Haggarty has caused anger and dismay amongst relatives of those killed and injured. Free article

Sectarianism – Time to push that elephant out of the room

27 November 2017

ON 14 OCTOBER, I and other republicans commemorated the execution of William Orr, 220 years ago to the day, at a little graveyard in Templepatrick, County Antrim. Free article

Deliberate British policy dictated brutality and medical neglect of POWs

27 November 2017

THE HARROWING TREATMENT of protesting republican POWs in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh and Armagh women’s prison was laid bare to an audience of republicans in Belfast on Friday 6 October as the initial findings of the Independent Tribunal on Prison Protests 1976-1981 were made public. Free article

It’s all at the co-op

27 November 2017

FANCY A PINT? Going shopping for some freshly-baked bread? Need your business professionally cleaned to a high standard? Why not do it with a worker co-operative? Free article

Guests of the nation

27 November 2017

IT’S ALMOST TIME to add another star to the flag. The cloth, needle and thread are ready. Shannon became a warport while people slept; American corporate business arrived unseen; Irish industry adopted American methodology; and huge chunks of the media have swung so far to the right, they’ve nearly fallen off the edge. The Americanisation of Ireland is spreading, ROBERT ALLEN believes. Free article

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