27 November 2017 Edition

Personal memoir, speculative journalism

27 November 2017

THERE’S LITTLE DOUBT that Martin Dillon is a technically-accomplished writer. His prose is pithy and engaging and makes for a free-flowing reading experience. The problem is not the style but some of the content. Free article

Superb little volume that every republican should have

27 November 2017

IT SEEMS such an obvious concept but it is really surprising that no one has produced a book like this before now. Free article

The bitter fruits of the British Empire

27 November 2017

EVEN IF this book about Britain’s Indian empire is by an author named by the World Economic Forum in Davos in 1998 as a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” (scary), his study of how the British Empire damaged India is a damning indictment of imperial rule and its economic imperatives. Free article

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