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1 October 2009 Edition

Communities unite against the cuts

1 October 2009

There was a massive turnout of up to 16,000 people in Dublin city centre on Wednesday in a demonstration against proposed savage cuts to community facilities and projects throughout the 26 Counties. €44 million could be cut and 6,600 people lose their jobs if the proposed cuts go ahead. Free article

Morgan comes back fighting NAMA

1 October 2009

Sinn Féin Finance spokesperson Arthur Morgan TD was back in the Dáil on 23 September after his suspension the previous week when he protested at the NAMA legislation. Morgan slammed the Fianna Fáil/Green Government, saying it was lying to the people and attempting to impose a scheme that would penalise this and future generations for years to come. Free article

Lisbon decision time after bruising final week

1 October 2009

There were bruising battles between the Yes and No sides in the final week of the Lisbon Treaty referendum campaign. The debate was entering its final 24 hours as An Phoblacht went to press and while last weekend's polls had the Yes side ahead, the volume of people making their minds up at the last minute and the widespread anger at the Government indicates a close contest with No campaigners believing they can secure a second rejection of the Treaty. Free article

Irish News rehashes bogus claim of 'deal' during Hunger Strike

1 October 2009

In a 'special investigation' this week The Irish News has rehashed the claim made by Richard O'Rawe in 2005 that a deal was on offer from the British government to resolve the 1981 Hunger Strike and that this alleged deal was scuppered by the leadership of the Republican Movement. Free article


Government sinks to new low as Cowen defends

1 October 2009

The Fianna Fáil/Green Government sank to a new low this week as it struggled to defend its indefensible golden handshake for resigned FÁS boss Rody Molloy who presided over massive wastage and management greed at the State training agency. Taoiseach Brian Cowen was on the ropes on RTÉ radio's This Week programme on Sunday as he put in one of his most unconvincing performances yet, trying to get listeners to believe that it was not the threat of legal action by Rody Molloy that led to the decision to give him the massive pension award. But only the previous day, on another RTÉ radio programme, Saturday View, Justice Minister Dermot Ahern said the exact opposite, offering the fear of his threat as the only excuse for awarding Molloy what Ahern called "an extra few pounds"! Free article

RUC Chief blamed family for Hamill death

1 October 2009

The inquiry into the death of Robert Hamill, the Portadown Catholic beaten to death by a sectarian mob while an armed RUC patrol failed to intervene, heard evidence regarding the attitude of former RUC Chief Ronnie Flanagan to the killing. Robert Hamill died of brain damage sustained after being kicked unconscious by loyalists in April 1997. At the time the RUC repeatedly lied about the circumstances of the incident to the media. One of the RUC officers at the scene was later implicated in the apparent tipping off of a loyalist suspect. Free article


1 October 2009

The failure to hold an inquest into the killing of two unarmed IRA Volunteers by the SAS in October 1990 can be challenged, a Belfast court has ruled. Judge Weatherup granted permission to relatives of the two men to seek a judicial review due to the "undeniable inordinate delay" in holding an inquest into the deaths. Free article

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