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19 February 2009 Edition

Workers gear up for mass demonstrations

19 February 2009

A series of major demonstrations led by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) begins this Saturday following the recent collapse of talks between the Irish Government, trade unions and employers' groups on finding an agreed approach to tackling the current economic crisis. Free article

PAT FINUCANE MURDER, 1989: The quest for the truth

19 February 2009

"EVERYONE knows the Eames/Bradley recommendations are nonsense," Peter Madden told an audience at St Mary's College in Belfast last week. The solicitor was speaking at a relaunch of the campaign for an international, independent public inquiry into the killing of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane. Free article

Justice for Robert Delany Sinn Féin supports campaign

19 February 2009

LAST Saturday Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and South Dublin County Councillor Seán Crowe met with Terry Delany whose son Robert was brutally shot at his home in Tallaght on 24 October where he lived with his partner and two young children. Free article

Sinn Féin president in Kilkenny, Kerry and Limerick

19 February 2009

SINN FÉIN President Gerry Adams was in Kilkenny, Kerry and Limerick last week for a large number of engagements with community development groups, resident organisations, local businesses, chambers of commerce, trade unions and local people. Free article


Lisbon poll means little - Government must publish Treaty re-run 'guarantees'

19 February 2009

SPEAKING on RTÉ's Morning Ireland programme this week on an Irish Times poll regarding voting intentions in another referendum on the Lisbon Treaty Sinn Féin Lisbon Campaign Director and North West EU Candidate Councillor Pádraig Mac Lochlainn said the poll meant little as it had taken place in the absence of the government showing the people the "colour of it's money" on proposed Lisbon re-run 'guarantees'." Free article

Morgan calls for Criminal Assets Bureau to pursue Anglo Irish chief

19 February 2009

SECRET multi-billion euro deposits between banks to deceive auditors, shareholders and financial markets; a €300 million share deal scam to prop up stock prices; bank executives with multi-million euro foreign currency loans; multi-million euro bonuses being paid to senior management despite massive losses; a Finance Minister who doesn't read the small print of vital reports; and senior bank chiefs who refuse to tell us why they engaged in serious corporate malpractice. Welcome to just one week in the Irish banking sector. Free article

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