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19 February 2009 Edition

The Mary Nelis Column

19 February 2009

THERE were calls this week for his resignation but Environment Minister Sammy Wilson was having none of it. Who but a man close to the environment would romp naked with a female friend in the long grass of some field not yet destroyed by global warming? Free article

Interview : Le Chéile Ulster honourees: PJ and Mary Caraher

19 February 2009

THE Caraher family - led by PJ & MARY CARAHER - epitomise the spirit of resistance displayed by many, many families in south Armagh. For 30 years, the British Army, unable to militarily defeat the IRA or destroy the resistance they encountered in the border area, used the media and dirty tricks to denigrate a people that wouldn't yield to their will. PEADAR WHELAN went to south Armagh to hear their story. Free article

Media View

19 February 2009

THE 'Omigod! School of Journalism' - as practiced in mid-market newspapers and glossy magazines by 'lifestyle' writers - has finally stormed that bastion of good taste: The Irish Times. Free article

Another View by Eoin Ó Broin

19 February 2009

THEY are truly remarkable results. Okay, let's not get carried away, it's just one poll. But they are remarkable all the same. Free article

INTERNATIONAL : Israeli elections & Venezuelan referendum

19 February 2009

WHATEVER misshapen, slapdash and probably hamstrung coalition emerges from the aftermath of Israel's recent elections it will have to confront one harsh reality: the assault on Gaza has left Israel weaker and more isolated. Free article

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A landmark study of Irish republicanism

19 February 2009

Book review Sinn Féin and the Politics of Left Republicanism By Eoin Ó Broin Pluto Press Price €20 By Mícheál Mac Donncha Free article


19 February 2009

Bhí mé thall I nDún Eidinn um Nollaig lenár mbeannachtaí a thabhairt ar na gaolta ar an taobh sin den teaghlach agus ar ndóigh bhí ceiliúradh Hogmany nó Oidhche Challainn ann cé gur mhó Lallans atá acu ná Gàidhlig. An lá dar gcionn, Là na Bliadhn' Uire féin, bhí mé ag fanacht I scuaine I mbialann Indiach (bia traidisiúnta mar dhea... ar bhlas tú haggis riamh?) nuair a thosaigh fear comhrá liom. Thuig sé as mo ghuth gur as an tuaisceart domh, arsa sé, agus I ndiaidh dó fadhbanna 800 bliain na tíre seo a réiteach (ina abairt nó dó) d'inis sé domh gur 'leath-Éireannach' a bhí ann féin: 'Mc Dickie, arsa sé, 'sin an sloinne a bhí ar mo shin sean-athair. Tá mé cinnte go raibh ach is beag tagairt atá ann dóibh anois, na Mc Dickies sin a d'éalaigh mar theifigh ón bochtanas sa tír seo agus a chuir fúthu I measc a gcolcheathaireacha Ceilteacha thall in Alban mar a mhínigh sé stair a mhuintire. Gheall mé leis go lorgóinn iad an chéad uair eile go raibh mé sa bhaile. Free article

More than a game BY MATT TREACY

19 February 2009

MORE shocking scenes from Omagh and not a Dub in sight! How do you explain that one, I wonder. Although perhaps it was because of the weekend that was in it, what with Valentine's Day and all the rest, that inspired the bould 'Ricey' (aka Ryan McMenamin) to initiate intimacies with Paul Galvin. Free article

Fifth Column

19 February 2009

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article

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