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20 November 2008 Edition

North's Executive to meet as devolution of powers agreed

20 November 2008

THE North's joint first ministers, Martin McGuinness of Sinn Féin and Peter Robinson of the DUP confirmed on Tuesday that an agreement had been reached to break the recent political impasse in the North and to devolve policing and justice powers from Britain to the Six County Executive. Free article

Key party figure seeks to retain Euro seat

20 November 2008

BAIRBRE DE BRÚN, Sinn Féin Member of the European Parliament (MEP), for the Six Counties has been reselected as the party's candidate for the 2009 EU elections. Free article

Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh visits 'the biggest concentration camp in the world' - the Gaza Strip

20 November 2008

FOR the third time in recent months, the Israeli blockade of Gaza was broken a fortnight ago by the Free Gaza movement's vessel, SS Dignity. On board this time were 11 parliamentarians, including Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh. Having been informed by the Egyptian authorities that they would be refused entry through the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Palestine, the original delegation, though reduced from 53 to 11 parliamentarians, put to sea from Larnaca in Cyprus. Free article

Europe to hear Holy Cross case

20 November 2008

A CASE challenging the RUC's handling of the loyalist blockade of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School in north Belfast in 2001 is to be taken to the European Court of Human Rights. Free article


Damien Walsh: A killing history tried to erase

20 November 2008

IN 1998, a then Guardian journalist, Roy Greenslade, criticised the British media for ignoring those people, like Catholic teenager Damien Walsh, who had been killed by loyalists. Free article

Why Sinn Féin did not support Credit Institutions Scheme

20 November 2008

WHEN the state guarantee to banks and other lending institutions as emergency legislation to avert a potential collapse in the Irish financial sector was first brought before the Dáil as the Credit Institutions Bill, on 30 September, the Sinn Féin group in the Oireachtas supported it... with conditions. Free article

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