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30 October 2008 Edition

British Army parade of shame

30 October 2008

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has expressed serious concern at the failure of British Secretary of State Shaun Woodward to recognise the provocation offered by the British Army military parade in Belfast City centre this Sunday. Free article

Greens help Fianna Fáil to wield the knife

30 October 2008

Despite growing protests against the Budget education cuts with more to come in the weeks and months ahead, the Green Party is fully backing the cuts and remains firmly in place in their Coalition with Fianna Fáil and the soon-to-be-extinct PDs. Free article

Ruane: Equality in education is worth fighting for

30 October 2008

THE Education Minister in the Six Counties, Caitríona Ruane, has outlined the issues surrounding the abolition of the 11-Plus transfer test and assured parents that the Department of Education will manage pupils' transition from primary to high school in the absence of cross-community support for her legislative proposals. Free article

Morris Tribunal exposes Garda corruption

30 October 2008

FROM the relentless persecution and abuse of an extended family for a murder that never happened to gardaí planting explosives across the country in the name of career advancement - these are just the most blatant acts exposed by the Morris Tribunal. Six and a half years on, the investigation into Garda corruption in Donegal has finally concluded. Free article


Danny Morrison's conviction quashed

30 October 2008

DANNY MORRISON, Sinn Féin's former Director of Publicity, is demanding to be told why his conviction for false imprisonment over the IRA questioning of informer Sandy Lynch in 1990 has been quashed by the Court of Appeal. Free article

HSE confirms death sentence for Monaghan General Hospital

30 October 2008

The Health Service Executive on 23 October informed 130 staff that they will no longer be employed in Monaghan General Hospital and are to be redeployed. The HSE has confirmed that the final removal of all acute medical services from Monaghan General Hospital will take place in late January/early February 2009. Free article

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