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12 June 2008 Edition

Jobless rise exposes wreckless policy

12 June 2008

The most significant news this week, apart from the Lisbon Treaty referendum, was undoubtedly the alarming rise in the numbers unemployed in the 26 Counties. From January to May 2008 the number of unemployed people claiming benefit rose by almost 48,000. This was a rise of 31% and the biggest increase since records began in 1967. Free article

McGuinness and Robinson take the helm as Paisley steps down

12 June 2008

PETER ROBINSON of the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Féin's Martin McGuinness took up the positions of First and deputy First Minister in the North's Executive last week as Ian Paisley stepped down. Free article

Adams in final call for 'No' vote

12 June 2008

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams speaking on Tuesday at the party's final press conference for the Lisbon Referendum campaign called on all those who are worried about the Lisbon Treaty to vote 'No' on 12 June and give the Irish Government a strong mandate to negotiate a better deal for Ireland. Free article

Sinn Féin sets out key issues government could deliver in renegotiated Treaty

12 June 2008

In the final week of campaigning, the Lisbon Treaty referendum appeared all to play for. Polling booths open today (Thursday) from 7am to 10pm and in what has been encouraging development in recent weeks, there is growing support for the idea of sending the Irish Government back to Europe with a strong mandate for new negotiations. Free article


The Historical Enquiries Team report into the McGurk's bar bombing

12 June 2008

PHILIP GARRY was a 73-year-old grandfather when he died in the bombing of McGurk's bar in December 1971. He had left his home in the Unity Flats area of Belfast for a quiet drink. A pint of Guinness was his favourite tipple. He died a short time later, one of 15 people killed in the explosion with a further 16 seriously injured. Other survivors were pulled from the rubble of the collapsed building. Free article

McFarlane trial opens in Dublin

12 June 2008

The trial of Belfast republican and Long Kesh escapee Brendan McFarlane, in connection with the kidnap of a supermarket boss 25 years ago, opened in the non-jury Special Court in Dublin on Wednesday. Free article

Iris Robinson in police probe over anti-gay comments

12 June 2008

IRIS ROBINSON MP, wife of First Minister Peter Robinson, is being investigated by police after being reported for statements she made on live radio in the past week about people who are gay. Free article

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