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25 January 2007 Edition

Collusion: O'Loan report exposes Branch collusion in UVF murder campaign

25 January 2007

Special Branch knowingly colluded with a "serial killer" providing cover, protecting him from prosecution and paying him at least £80,000 for his services as an agent. Special Branch agents operated outside the law and Special Branch officers covered up their crimes. Free article

Ombudsman's Report: Collusion went right to the top

25 January 2007

The report this week by Nuala O'Loan, Police Ombudsman in the Six Counties has confirmed the fact that UVF death squads in North Belfast and elsewhere operated virtually as surrogates for RUC officers, and the RUC Special Branch colluded with and covered up for sectarian murderers. The report also found that a bomb attack in Monaghan in 1997 involved collusion. Free article

Huge crowds attend meetings on policing issue

25 January 2007

Sinn Féin has been conducting a series of both public and private party meetings over the past week on the subject of policing in the run up to next Sunday's extraordinary Sinn Féin Ard Fheis. Party Chairperson Mary Lou McDonald said: "The debate has been rolled out across the party and the broader community. There was a high level of debate with an excellent turn out across the board. We're facing a very big decision on Sunday and the intensity of the debate within the party and amongst the broader community reflected the seriousness of that decision. Free article

International messages of support for initiative on policing

25 January 2007

In a statement received by An Phoblacht on Wednesday, leading ANC member Cyril Ramaphosa praised what he called the decisive leadership shown by the Sinn Féin leadership in facing up to the difficult issue of policing and by calling a special Ard Fheis to decide on the issue. Free article


NDP: Crucial issue is around implementation

25 January 2007

On Tuesday the Irish Government launched a new 'National Development Plan' for the 26 counties which is set to run from 2007 to 2013. Sinn Féin had engaged with the Minister for Finance Brian Cowen to seek a strong all Ireland dimension to the plan. While Sinn Féin representatives welcomed the significant funding which the Irish Government is committing to spend in the Six Counties, there was disappointment that the plan did not contain more specifics. Sinn Féin, and indeed many media commentators, have pointed out that much of the document is a repackaging of previous announcements. As one media commentator put it "there is nothing new jumping off any of the pages in the plan". Much of the infrastructural projects have been previously announced as part of Transport 21. Free article

Seamus Harvey 30th Anniversary

25 January 2007

The 30th anniversary commemoration of IRA Volunteer Seamus Harvey took place in Coolderry, Crossmaglen in South Armagh last Sunday, 21 January. Over 1,000 people attended the event which was caired by Sinn Féin Councillor Terry Hearty. Free article

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