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14 July 2005 Edition

Orange Bullyboys Rewarded

14 July 2005

The lives of Ardoyne residents were at risk this week when Orangemen, who refused to engage in dialogue with them were rewarded for their intransigence and backed up by huge force of PSNI were forced through the nationalist district. Despite disciplined and dignified protests during the day, violence ensued following PSNI provocation. For the full story read our interview with Gerry Kelly in the next article. Free article

"Lucky that lives not lost"- Kelly

14 July 2005

Gerry Kelly, an eye-witness to events as they unfolded in Ardoyne on 12 July gives his first hand account of the situation in an interview with An Phoblacht Free article

Rossport Campaign - Questions for the Dublin Government

14 July 2005

Five people from Mayo have stood against the state and three of the world's largest oil conglomerates. They have been jailed, criminalized, threatened by the President of the High Court with loosing their few possessions, and told that their request for a court hearing of their case is ludicrous. Free article

Protests to Release Rossport 5 Grow

14 July 2005

Hundreds of people from all different political partyies and from none all over the 32 counties have protested against the jailing of five Rossport people over the past few days. Free article


PSNI collude with Orangemen

14 July 2005

The standoff that developed in the County Antrim village of Dunloy on Tuesday 12 July was brought about after PSNI-backed Orangemen exploited a loophole in a Parades Commission determination. Free article

Free Sean Kelly campaign intensifies

14 July 2005

As the campaign to free Ardoyne republican Seán Kelly from Maghaberry jail intensified, numerous protests took place across the North last week. Free article

The Inglorious Twelfth - Horrific ordeal endured by Aghogill woman

14 July 2005

An Phoblacht this week spoke to one woman from the Country Antrim village of Ahoghill. Her story illustrates the real face of Orange supremacism. The 51-year-old grandmother, who lived with a daughter and two grandsons, aged 11 and seven has been forced to flee from her home after repeated sectarian attacks and intimidation culminated in a terrifying climax last Thursday night. For over seven hours an Orange mob paraded through her garden beating drums and shouting threats. Free article

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