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14 July 2005 Edition

Ó Sceitimímí go Smidiríní - Ionsaí ar Londain

14 July 2005

Tar éis ionsaí fíochmhar ar mhuintir Londain Déardaoin seo caite, tiontaíodh an chathair ó sceitimíní go smidiríní. Following the devastating attacks unleashed upon the city of London on Thursday last, a day of joy turned into one of carnage. The appalling and indiscrminate nature of the bomb attacks could not be condoned by reasonable people. Free article

Brí na Bóinne

14 July 2005

With the passing once more of the 12 July, An Draoi Rua delves into the mythology of the Boyne river. Free article

Dúirt siad...

14 July 2005

What they have said this week Free article

Lessons for Ireland in devastating Shell report

14 July 2005

A devastating new report has been published as part of a week of action in Holland and England coinciding with Shell shareholder meetings. The report, published on 25 June is dedicated to human rights and environmental activist Ken Saro Wiwa and opens with Saro Wiwa's last words before he was hanged with eight other activists on 10 November 1995 for their protests against Shell's dirty practices in Ogoniland. Free article

Live 8 roars, G8 whispers

14 July 2005

Aid for Africa will be doubled by 2010 to $50 billion, with a renewed commitment to invest in free basic healthcare and education for all Africans. The US government has agreed that "climate change is happening now", urgent action is needed and the G8 as a group will work to develop clean energy technologies. The EU and the US have pledged to act on scrapping agricultural subsidies but have not yet set a date, and a three year $3 billion annual investment in the Palestinian economy was announced. Free article

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Why we must oppose British ID cards

14 July 2005

The London atrocities occurred at a time when the British government's plan for compulsory identity cards for all persons in its jurisdiction was running into trouble. Now, under cover of reaction to the horrific attacks, the plan is being accelerated. But this British ID card plan is one of the most serious assaults ever on civil rights and, in the Irish context, on national rights. Free article

TV fantasy of 'The Twelfth'

14 July 2005

This year, like every other, television viewers throughout Ireland have witnessed the ludicrous spectacle of the BBC and ITV attempting to present an entirely surreal image of the Orange Order as it struts it sectarian stuff around the Six Counties offering offence at every opportunity. Free article

Using political strength to effect change

14 July 2005

NERF Chairperson, Meath County Councillor Joe Reilly, recently spoke to An Phoblacht about the workings of the Forum and what role he wished to see it perform for the party and its reperesentatives in the time ahead. Free article

The trials of Sisyphus and the goal that wasn't

14 July 2005

After the match on Sunday I don't think Tyrone supporters knew whether to be happy or distraught. Like Sisyphus, they had managed to roll the gigantic boulder to the top of the hill, only to see it tumble past them just as they attained the summit. Now they will have to return on July 23 and start to push it all the way back again. There were two schools of thought on that among Tyrone folk although I noticed that their confidence grew the longer Sunday night went on. Armagh people were relieved and maybe slightly more confident that they will prevail in the replay Free article

Overdue biography of Galway revolutionary

14 July 2005

This is a timely biography on the life of a relatively not so well known revolutionary from County Galway, Éamonn Ceannt. Ceannt, one of the signatories of the 1916 Proclamation was among the 15 revolutionary leaders who were subsequently executed for their role in the 1916 Rising. Curiously, he is the last of the leaders to have had a biography written about him, though this in itself does no justice to the very significant role that he played in bringing this event about. Free article

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