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30 September 2004 Edition

PDs tighten their grip - Bertie shuffles the deck

30 September 2004

The grip of the Progressive Democrats on Government policy was tightened this week in Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's Cabinet reshuffle. PD leader and Tánaiste Mary Harney was given the Department of Health and Children. In a state with one of the most inequitable health systems in Europe, the health ministry is in the hands of the leader of the party that openly states that inequality is a good thing for society. Free article

Disclose, disavow and dismantle

30 September 2004

The British Government stands charged with commissioning the murder of citizens within its own jurisdiction. Through the mechanism of collusion with unionist paramilitaries, the British presided over a reign of terror in Ireland in which hundreds of people were killed and many more were injured or escaped injury. Free article

Adams welcomes DUP's Dublin meeting

30 September 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has welcomed DUP leader Ian Paisley's meeting with Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in Dublin today. "The meeting in Dublin is symbolically important," said Adams. "It is also an opportunity for the Taoiseach to point out to the DUP leadership that the process requires them to acknowledge the rights of others. Free article

PSNI attack peaceful protest

30 September 2004

Sinn Féin in Omagh has accused the PSNI of heavy handed tactics after a number of protestors were beaten with batons and two teenagers arrested as they held a peaceful protest against a British Army public relations exercise at the Silver Birches Hotel in the town on Wednesday 22 September. Free article

The unacceptable face of Fine Gael

30 September 2004

In the same week that Enda Kenny predicted 30 Fine Gael seat gains at the next general election, we received a timely reminder of the appaling vista opened up by the prospect of a Fine Gael led government. Free article


National Ploughing Championships Adams seeks revitalisation of Irish agriculture: Irish farming must remain GM free

30 September 2004

Gerry Adams, along with Martin Ferris TD, Michelle Gildernew MP and Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald, attended the National Ploughing Championships in Carlow on Tuesday. Speaking from the event, Adams said: Free article

Women key to survival of small farms

30 September 2004

"Women aren't seen as farmers -- the farmer is the fellow driving the tractor. Yet farming women play a huge role in agriculture. They account for more than 35% of the agricultural workforce in Ireland. In the EU, it's higher again, at 40%," said IFA Equality Officer Mary Carroll at the Ploughing Championships. Free article

An Phoblacht Appeal

30 September 2004

As readers will be aware, An Phoblacht is a small operation, run mainly by staff and contributors who volunteer their time and labour. We strive to produce quality articles on Ireland and international affairs from a republican viewpoint each week. Free article

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