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17 December 2009 Edition

The Mary Nelis Column

17 December 2009

TWENTY years ago, the late Oliver Kearney who was the secretary of the Fair Employment Trust, wrote a letter to Sean Farren, the then SDLP spokesperson on Employment who was about to embark to the United States, to lobby against the MacBride Principles, pointing out that if this was the case it was a disturbing development for a party claiming to represent the Northern nationalist community. Free article

Interview: Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire, Ógra Shinn Féin National Órganiser

17 December 2009

FROM Togher on the south side of Cork City Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire (20) was appointed National Órganiser for Ógra Shinn Féin last month. He has taken a break from study, after completing two years of a Law degree, to undertake the role. Here he speaks to ELLA O'DWYER about the role of Ógra in the wider republican struggle Free article

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17 December 2009

LOOKING BACK over the year, we've picked out some of the wide range of issues on which MEP Bairbre de Brún has been vocal and active. Free article

Christmas movies we all love

17 December 2009

WHETHER you are a Grinch, a closet Christmas lover or someone who gives it the full tinsel effect we all love our Christmas films. What's more not only do we watch the old favourites repeatedly we also have new entrants in the Christmas movie canon. As the 10th remake of Dickens A Christmas Carol hits the cineplexes, this time in animated 3D ROBBIE SMYTH unwraps the history of Christmas films from The Night Before Christmas in 1897 to the the latest blockbusters. And An Phoblacht's own first top ten Christmas films is unveiled. Free article

Julia Carney's festive fun with Santa

17 December 2009

"I MEAN, it's just like the Eighties. Everyone's miserable, the dole queues are getting longer, even that big hair thing you people went through is back. I tell you, it's like I stepped back in time." I'm trying to watch season three of 'The Wire' but had to stick on the subtitles while he waffles on. "And what's your solution to the economy? Cut spending, cut investment, no stimulus package. I mean, I remember telling Jeffrey Sachs a few years ago..." Free article

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The Matt Treacy Column

17 December 2009

I DON'T particularly like Christmas and I don't particularly care for Elvis. Elvis Christmas songs then are anathema. And I know someone who has a whole fecking CD of them! It contains the usual ones like 'Silent Night' and 'White Christmas' but some you may not have heard before... if you're lucky. Unfortunately, I have heard them all. Too many times. Among the nuggets on this classic is 'Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me', which includes the immortal lines: Don't fill my sock with candy Free article

Eoghan Mac Cormaic's Bilingual Christmas Crossword

17 December 2009

(Má tá 'G' ann is focal Gaeilge, má tá 'B' ann, is focal Béarla atá ann) Free article

Moltai don Nollaig

17 December 2009

1. Téigh go Lidl I gcomhair do chuid siopadóireacht - má tá tú buartha faoi d'íomhá is féidir leat mála donn a chaitheamh ar do cheann. Is féidir leat dinnéar na Nollag a fháil ar 3 nó 4 Euro ansin nó 50 cent má itheann tú ponairí agus thig leat bosca phléascáin a cheannach ar 99 cent. B'fhéidir gurb fhearr duit an dinnéar a chur ar ceall agus téigh díreach go dtí na cannaí agus an ÍsealTír Óir ar 20 pingin! Free article

Return to the well in 2010

17 December 2009

Irish music in its traditional form of song and dance has often been compared to a well of spring water from which generations of people have drawn and which has never run dry. Today it shows every sign of continuing to flourish and at no time has our distinct music been played by more people in Ireland and around the world. Free article

Gifts that are different

17 December 2009

FINDING a present that is different, has some sort of meaning and is actually wanted can be a struggle for even the most intrepid republican activist amidst all the tinsel and tat in High Street stores but there's a treasure trove of novel gifts in the Sinn Féin Bookshop in Dublin. Free article

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