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16 September 2004 Edition

Second British bug in 10 days uncovered

16 September 2004

Last Monday night a bugging device was discovered under floorboards in an upstairs room at Connolly House, Sinn Féin's Andersonstown office. The sophisticated electronic listening device was disguised as a wooden joist with two microphones attached to false nail heads. Free article

Time for a revival of real farm co-ops

16 September 2004

By Martin Ferris TD, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Agriculture Free article

How the Northern Ireland Office has put the Peace Process at risk

16 September 2004

Over the last few months Sinn Féin has been highlighting the ongoing campaign by securocrats within the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) to dismantle the Good Friday Agreement and ultimately put the entire Peace Process at risk. Free article

McCreevy abandons carbon tax

16 September 2004

The Irish Government's climate change strategy was in tatters last week after Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy decided three months ahead of the usual budget day announcements that cabinet plans for the introduction of a carbon tax were being shelved. Free article

Leeds Castle: Setting the scene for success or failure

16 September 2004

Will the two Governments appease Unionism again? Free article

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Can the DUP deliver?

16 September 2004

An irate Ian Paisley stood in front of the cameras and denounced reports of his ill health as a sectarian plot hatched by Catholic journalists. Free article

Should the GAA endorse the Long Kesh stadium plan?

16 September 2004

Danny Morrison questions the decision of Danny Murphy, Ulster Council Secretary of the GAA, to back plans by the British government for a sports stadium at Long Kesh. Free article

Republican historian: The smashing of the van

16 September 2004

Shane MacThomáis revives An Phoblacht's weekly column marking key dates in Ireland's fight for independence. Free article

Louise Michel - revolutionary feminist

16 September 2004

Book review Louise Michel Edited by Nic Maclellan Published by Ocean Press (distributed by Pluto Press in Europe) Free article

Ómós don Úll

16 September 2004

This is reputedly the time of the year that the apple tree is honoured by the Celts AN DRAOI RUA tells us more. Free article

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