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22 July 2004 Edition

What's sport got to do with it?

22 July 2004

The Olympics may be the world's biggest and longest-running sporting event, but our strongest memories of the Games often have little to do with the sports involved. In the second part of her two-part Olympics special, An Phoblacht's JOANNE CORCORAN looks at some of the political gestures and various scandals that have made the Games much more than a sporting experience. Free article

The two oranges that shook Apartheid

22 July 2004

Twenty years ago this month, ten workers from the Henry Street branch of Dunnes Stores in Dublin's city centre went on strike to protest the selling of produce from Apartheid South Africa. A year later, the group was joined by another worker, Brendan Barron, from the Crumlin store, bringing their number to eleven. Free article

Memories of a union official

22 July 2004

Brendan Archbold was the IDATU union official in charge of the Dunnes Store Strike in 1984 (the strike actually started when IDATU was called the IUDWC). Still an official with the same union, now called MANDATE, Brendan spoke to us about his memories of the strike. Free article

Dunnes Strike legacy shows potential of unions

22 July 2004

By Caoilfhionn Ní Dhonnabháin - This summer marks 20 years since the start of the Dunnes Stores anti-Apartheid Strike in Dublin. That struggle stands with the 1913 Lockout as a key moment in the history of trade unionism in Ireland. Free article

What is a fair Truth Recovery process?

22 July 2004

Earlier this summer, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Truth Recovery, Philip McGuigan, accused the British Secretary of State of "breathtaking hypocrisy" as Paul Murphy toured South Africa studying their model of truth and reconciliation. Free article

Níl Pápa Anseo!

22 July 2004

There's been a lot of talk recently on whether or not the Pope might return to Ireland. The thing is, asks AN DRAOI RUA, would there be many who would go to see him a second time round? Free article

The Kilcoole Gunrunning

22 July 2004

One of the least known but most important gunrunning operations in Irish history took place in Kilcoole, County Wicklow, on 1 August 1914. It arose from an initiative taken in early 1914 by Michael O'Rahilly (The O'Rahilly), Director of Arms of the recently formed Irish Volunteers, in conjunction with Erskine Childers, Sir Roger Casement, and other prominent nationalists. Free article

The Fifth Column

22 July 2004

An Phoblacht's famous satirical column. Read on... Free article

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