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24 June 2004 Edition

A view from South Africa: ANC fighter turned police chief Robert McBride visits Derry

24 June 2004

Former ANC Freedom Fighter turned Police Chief Robert McBride visited Derry City on Monday and Tuesday of this week and was given a tumultuous welcome at a number of public events. Responding to a questioner at a public meeting in Derry's Millennium Forum on Tuesday night, McBride declared that control over policing must be wrested from London-control and devolved to the North if it is to become fully inclusive. Free article

Sour grapes from 'Independent' hacks

24 June 2004

We couldn't have expected the honeymoon to last. It was too good to be true - 342,000 votes, two MEPs, countless councillors, and a media response that, if not doing justice to, at least somewhat reflected Sinn Féin's success in the local government and EU elections. Free article

The 5th Column

24 June 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Standing on the shoulders of giants - The Le Chéile testimonial function

24 June 2004

"Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, Welcome. This is not the Eurovision. This is the Le Chéile Testimonial dinner and function." It was with this cheery introduction that Mary Lou McDonald, one of Sinn Féin's two newly-elected MEPs, introduced proceedings at the first annual Le Chéile event, held to honour five republicans, one from each province and one from overseas, for their hard work and dedication to the struggle for freedom, justice and equality. Free article

Níl Fáilte roimh Bush arís

24 June 2004

George W Bush's war record should neither be condoned nor made welcome in Ireland while he uses the visit to canvass Irish Americans in his Presidential election campaign, writes AN DRAOI RUA. Free article

America's Number One - BY EOGHAN Mac CORMAIC

24 June 2004

The English language is a strange tool of communication, and just as in Alice in Wonderland, words can mean whatever we want them to mean. Warm is a partner to hot, and 'welcome' is a cousin to 'reception' but a warm welcome is a different kettle of fish from a hot reception. Free article

Bodenstown 1963

24 June 2004

• This old photograph was taken at Bodenstown on June 23 1963 and includes from left: Joe Clarke, veteran of the Battle of Mount Street 1916; Mrs Russell, Cumann na mBan 1916 and a Republican Justice during the Tan War and imprisoned in 1922; Julia Grennan, member of GPO garrison 1916; May Daly, sister of Charlie Daly executed by Free State Forces in Drumboe in 1923; and Mrs O'Hanlon, mother of Fearghal Ó hAnnluain, killed in action with Sean Sabhat in Brookeborough in 1957 Free article

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