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24 June 2004 Edition

Go Bertie go

24 June 2004

Bertie Ahern should be the new EU Commission president. He has all the credentials. In common with former commission president Jacques Santer he has shown an inability to deal with systematic corruption in his own ranks, though ultimately this forced Santer's resignation and that of his other commissioners in 1999. Free article

Governments' September talks copout

24 June 2004

Last Friday night's announcement that the London and Dublin Governments that talks this week are merely a prelude to 'intensive negotiations' in September is an appalling fudge. As Sinn Féin party chair Mitchel McLaughlin said on Saturday, there is no reason why the two governments, Sinn Féin and the other parties cannot reach a speedy agreement on the elements of an agreement needed to end the crisis in the process. Free article

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