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1 July 2015 Edition

Death squads from Downing Street

1 July 2015

BROADCAST on Monday 15 June, Collusion (by the “RTÉ Investigations Unit”) prompted some to comment ‘30 years too late’ or ‘What took you so long?’ The fact that RTÉ rigorously enforced state censorship and tamely took the Government line on collusion being largely republican propaganda also loomed large in many minds. Free article

H-Blocks TD PADDY AGNEW looks back on the epic 1980/1981 Hunger Strikes in Long Kesh

1 July 2015

THIS YEAR marks the 34th anniversary of the National Hunger Strike Commemoration which will be held in Dundalk, County Louth, on 23 August. Free article

Don’t single out lone parents

1 July 2015

A CAMPAIGN has been launched by Sinn Féin to oppose cuts aimed at the Lone Parent Allowance due to come into effect on 2 July. This cut is the eighth time since coming into Government that Fine Gael and Labour have targeted lone parents with cuts. Free article

Housing – Fine Gael/Labour Government plans fail reality test

1 July 2015

THE Urban Regeneration and Housing Bill 2015 sounds good but, like much of this Government’s legislation, it fails ‘the Ronseal test’. Free article

Lá na Cinniúna ag Teacht don Ghréig

1 July 2015

TÁ LÁ NA cinniúna ag tapú linn don Ghréig. Tá rialtas de chuid SYRIZA ag seasamh an fhóid ar son mhuintir na Gréige ag diúltú géilleadh don déine, is bagairtí na Tríúrachta ag éirí níos scaollaí de réir mar a théann na laethanta thart. Free article

Marking the places in history of Constance Markievicz

1 July 2015

A NEW CAMPAIGN has been launched to commemorate Constance Markievicz as the first woman MP elected to the Westminster Parliament from her prison cell in Holloway and the Dáil’s First Minister for Labour with two international blue plaques in Dublin and London for 2016. Free article

DUP wanted ethnic minorities chief prosecuted – for ‘hate crime’

1 July 2015

PATRICK YU, Chief Executive of the North’s Council for Ethnic Minorities (NICEM), was threatened with being taken to court by the DUP – for a “hate crime”. Premium service article

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We need a new vision of the future

1 July 2015

PAINFULLY, fitfully, we are witnessing the early signs of a new politics being born across the periphery of Europe and in the wave of new Left governments in Latin America. SYRIZA in Greece, Podemos in Spain, the Scottish National Party breakthrough in Scotland and now the colourful victory of the marriage equality referendum in Ireland show the eruption of grassroots discontent and aspiration within the political system. Free article

Reconciliation? We need genuine words of ‘abject and true remorse’ demonstrated in action – Brian Kennaway

1 July 2015

IN EVERY SOCIETY there is a need for”Uncomfortable Conversations. Sometimes this need is ignored, like the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’. The issues, however, do not go away by being ignored. Others seek to address the discordant issues by ‘constructive ambiguity’ which, as we know from experience, only leads to further confusion. Free article

Turkey – Stunning result for pro-Kurdish, left-wing HDP

1 July 2015

THE ONLY PARTY that was celebrating after the Turkey’s general election on Sunday 7 June was the party that came fourth! Free article

Basque ex-MEP among 20 jailed

1 July 2015

BASQUE former MEP Karmelo Landa is among 20 political activists who have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 18 months to three years as an 11-year court case targeting Basque social clubs came to an end at the Spanish Supreme Court in June. Free article

Looking forward with pride after the Marriage Equality Referendum

1 July 2015

KIERAN ROSE sat down with An Phoblacht in Sinn Féin’s Head Office in Parnell Square in Dublin a couple of weeks after the Marriage Equality Referendum. He hadn’t been there since the 1980s but he paid tribute to Sinn Féin and republicans for being “critical” in their support of and advocacy for the LGBT community and marriage equality. Sinn Féin “hasn’t played politics” with the issue of equal rights for the gay community, he said. Free article

Another Europe is possible – Treo eile don Eoraip

1 July 2015

Martina Anderson addresses SYRIZA Youth event, Replay Qatar World Cup vote, says Lynn Boylan, Matt Carthy raises home repossessions in European Parliament and Liadh Ní Riada welcomes Irish mental health activists to Brussels Free article

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