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14 August 2008 Edition

"Our comrades have lit with their very lives an eternal beacon"

14 August 2008

2008 National Hunger Strike Commemoration 2.30pm Sunday 17 August Assemble: Creggan Shops, Derry Free article

Special Branch agents may face prosecution

14 August 2008

TWO loyalists charged with murder may give evidence against UVF killer and Special Branch agent Mark Haddock as well as other agents believed to be members of the same UVF gang. Free article

Children at risk to suffer from HSE cuts

14 August 2008

THE Health Service Executive has decided to abandon plans for a long-promised round-the-clock service for troubled and at-risk children. This is the latest cut to be announced as reports come in on the effects of cutbacks on patients across the health services. Free article

Campaign for truth on Pearse Jordan murder continues

14 August 2008

UNARMED IRA Volunteer Pearse Jordan was shot dead by the RUC on the Falls Road in Belfast in 1992, a victim of Britain's shoot-to-kill policy. For 16 years, Jordan's family, friends and comrades have tried to break through a wall of silence, evasion and cover-up by the British Government, the RUC and the PSNI in an effort to have the truth of his murder established. Free article


Fishermen table five demands in quota clash

14 August 2008

FISHERMEN have called for a review of quotas following a meeting with Wexford Sinn Féin councillors after clashes with the Sea Fisheries Protection Agency over fishing laws. Free article

Kite-flying on third-level fees distracts from real issues

14 August 2008

NOT for the first time, a Fianna Fáil Government minister has flown a kite about the possibility of reintroducing fees for third-level education in the 26 Counties. The kite-flying exercise caused a political flurry but served only to distract attention from the real issues of continuing inequality of access to higher education. Free article

British Army choppers challenged

14 August 2008

A Sinn Féin delegation from South Derry has met with Paul Goggins, Secretary of State to discuss the issue of British Army helicopters in the area. In a joint statement, Francie Molloy MLA, Councillor Ian Milne and Councillor Peter Bateson said: Free article

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