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2 December 2004 Edition

Decision Time

2 December 2004

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams says the party has made its final representations on the governments' text. Addressing a Sinn Féin selection convention in Navan, County Meath, on Wednesday night after returning from a meeting with Tony Blair in London, Adams dealt with the current situation in the political negotiations. Free article

Hectic week of talks

2 December 2004

An intensive week of negotiations saw Sinn Féin meet with Bertie Ahern, Tony Blair and Hugh Orde, and Gerry Adams speak with George Bush. The DUP met with Blair and will meet him again on Friday. Free article

Budget an admission that McCreevy failed disadvantaged and poor

2 December 2004

Sinn Féin TD Arthur Morgan says fear of the voters forced the Government to abandon the previous policies of Charlie McCreevy in its Budget on Wednesday. Responding to Finance Minister Brian Cowen's Budget package, the Louth TD said: My first instinctive response to this Budget is to say well done. I'm definitely not saying well done to the FF/PD coalition. Free article

Citizen Cowen's budget challenges

2 December 2004

Finally, the low paid are out of the tax net, a small hint of tax reform, above inflation rate increases in pensions, child benefit, unemployment assistance and an unprecedented package of spending on disability. Free article


Of sterner stuff you're not, Mr Paisley

2 December 2004

So Ian Paisley thinks the IRA needs to be humiliated. Who does he think should do it? Is he putting himself forward for the task? Maybe he thinks the British Government should do it or perhaps one of their securocrat agencies. Free article

Brits scrap annual registration

2 December 2004

On Tuesday, in a major u-turn, British Minister John Spellar announced that he intends to reinstate the 'carry forward' provision that was in effect before legislation requiring annual registration for Six-County voters was passed in 2002. Free article

TD slams unsafe convictions

2 December 2004

Secret, undisclosed evidence, the word of a Garda Superintendent, and availing of their right to remain silent. These were the three factors used to convict two Dublin Sinn Féin members of IRA membership last week. Free article

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