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25 November 2004 Edition

Victims of occupation

25 November 2004

This week, relatives of those murdered by the British Army on Bloody Sunday listened to the summing up of the public stage of the inquiry into the 1972 atrocity. After 32 years, the families still don't know who was responsible for the killing of their loved ones. No one has admitted to being guilty, no one has taken responsibility, no one has said sorry. In a different part of the world this week, a family watched as another soldier from an occupying force, who gunned down their 13-year-old daughter in cold blood, was charged not with murder but with illegal use of his weapon and conduct unbecoming of an officer. Free article

Bloody Sunday families await final report

25 November 2004

"Why and how did 13 people come to be killed and 14 to be wounded within something like ten minutes on 30 January 1972 in this city?" That was the simple question with which Christopher Clarke QC, counsel for the Inquiry, began his summing up in at the Bloody Sunday Tribunal as it sat once again this week in Derry to hear closing submissions. Free article

Governments told any deal must be bedded in the Agreement

25 November 2004

Speaking to An Phoblacht as we go to print on Wednesday evening, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams stressed that no agreement has been reached to break the impasse in the Peace Process. Free article

Cowen budgeting for votes

25 November 2004

New Finance Minister Brian Cowen sped through his first Budget Estimates with clarity, but not a lot of conviction. There was clarity in that the minister was out to spend a bit more money than his predecessor, €2.5 billion to be exact, but with absolutely no conviction on two crucial fronts. Free article


Threats to shut down City Council - Protests greet massive bin tax hike

25 November 2004

Sinn Féin Councillor Daithí Doolan has demanded that Government threats to shut down Dublin City Council if the city's budget (which includes a massive increase in bin charges) is not passed, must be lifted immediately. Doolan said the Council must be allowed to run the City and what is required is greater autonomy and resources for Local Government, not more diktats from central government. Free article

MEP welcomes EU move to recognise Irish

25 November 2004

Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún on Wednesday welcomed the news of a formal request by the Dublin Government to have the Irish language recognised as an official working language of the European Union. De Brún said that these moves are a result of the "hard work, determination and commitment of Irish language campaigners". Free article

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