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25 November 2004 Edition

Looking to the future - New electoral department up and running

25 November 2004

At the end of a year dominated by local and European elections, most Southern political parties are looking forward to a well-earned break from the electoral process. But when you're in the unique position of being an all-island party in a country forcibly divided, the chances of having any time off from elections are slim. Free article

Ireland's invisible immigrants

25 November 2004

If you thought racism in Ireland was a recent phenomenon, one of the uglier offshoots of the Celtic-Tiger and prosperity, then think again. If we are to believe social theorist Mark Maguire's study of 25 years of Vietnamese-Irish identity, our céad míle fáilte has required conditions that suited us, the Irish, first, a condition that most, if not all of, our reluctant but grateful guests were ill-equipped to handle. Free article

Experiencing the horror of Auschwitz - BY GERRY KELLY

25 November 2004

Go to Auschwitz in Poland, whatever your religious belief, or if you have none. Go whatever your political beliefs or if you think you have none. I promise you it will be memorable. It will be etched in your mind forever. Martin McGuinness and myself went on Wednesday 3 November with about 120 others, after being invited by members of the Jewish community in Belfast. Free article

Na Bronntanais is Fearr

25 November 2004

If we take a lead from 'Buy Nothing Day' or some of the charities that suggest alternative presents, it should help put an end to the consumerist madness of these winter months, writes AN DRAOI RUA Free article

The 5th Column

25 November 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Charlie Kerins hanged by Free Staters - Remembering the Past

25 November 2004

On 1 December 1944, 60 years ago, the IRA's Chief of Staff, Charlie Kerins, was hanged in Mountjoy Jail. Charlie Kerins was born in Tralee County Kerry in 1918. At the age of 17 he joined his local unit of the IRA and took part in action against the Blueshirts in the area. Free article

Advertising Feature - European Commission elected without support of Greens, Socialists and Progressive Nationalists

25 November 2004

Speaking after the election of the new European Commission, MEP Mary Lou McDonald said: "We believe another Europe is possible, where the rights of nations and peoples are respected and promoted, where quality healthcare and education are available to all, where civil liberties are protected, and where the EU plays a positive and progressive role in tackling developing world debt and promoting conflict resolution. Free article

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