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5 December 2019 Edition

Remembering – Liam McParland

5 December 2019

‘A quiet, thoughtful and a committed republican’. Gerry Adams writes about Liam McParland, the first volunteer to die in the most recent phase of the struggle. Free article

A Belfast without ‘peace’ walls is possible

5 December 2019

Callum Smyth looks backs at the history of Belfast’s Peace walls and asks what needs to be done to take these barriers down. Free article

Brexit and the Border – No going back!

5 December 2019

From Leitrim Seán Mac Brádaigh on the determination to resist the Conservative/DUP Brexit agenda. Free article

Remembering Border busters 25 years on

5 December 2019

Oisín McCann takes us through the decades of border busters, the communities who refused to accept Partition Free article

The Implications of Brexit for Border Communities

5 December 2019

Joe McVeigh gives a personal view from Fermanagh on why communities will never accept a hard border. Free article

One island – No border

5 December 2019

To mark the decades of resistance to the border in Ireland 'An Phoblacht' has a collection of views from both sides of the border and an extensive gallery of images of border busters (print edition) through the decades. Free article

Máire Drumm and Bobby Sands

5 December 2019

A unique look through the lens of Gérard Harlay (print edition) and an exclusive extract from Gerry Adams’s book on Maire Drumm. Free article

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