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6 January 2013 Edition

Civil War martyr Joe McKelvey tribute in Belfast

6 January 2013

JOE McKELVEY, one of the ‘Four Martyrs’ executed by the Free State Government on 8 December 1922, was remembered in his home town of Belfast on the 90th anniversary of his death. Free article

Volunteer Eugene Devlin remembered on 40th anniversary

6 January 2013

 LARGE CROWD gathered at the graveside of IRA Volunteer Eugene Devlin in Strabane Cemetery in County Tyrone on Thursday 27 December to mark the 40th anniversary of his death at the hands of the British Army.

Participants, led by the Strabane Memorial Flute Band, had paraded from the monument erected in Eugene’s memory in the nearby Drumrallagh Estate.  

The commemoration was... Free article

A decade of anniversaries

6 January 2013

THE DECADE of anniversaries is finally upon us – this being specifically the centenary of the Irish revolutionary period of 1913 to 1923. These years wrought enormous political and social change, not only in Ireland but also in the rest of Europe and the world at large. Free article

Pearse’s political journal republished

6 January 2013

PH PEARSE published a political weekly newspaper in the Irish language between March and May 1912. An Barr Bua gave a voice not only to Pearse but to other radical Irish nationalists such as Eamonn Ceannt who, like Pearse, was executed for his part in the 1916 Easter Rising. Here we carry one of Pearse’s articles from An Barr Bua number 2, 23 March 1912. Entitled ‘Will Ireland be sold?’ it has obvious echoes in Irish politics today. Free article

Why won’t Irish Government release files on fatal loyalist bombing?

6 January 2013

QUESTIONS have been raised over why the Irish Government has rejected a Freedom of Information request by RTÉ’s This Week programme to release Department of Justice files on the December 1972 loyalist bombing of Belturbet in County Cavan in which two teenagers were killed. Free article

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