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4 May 2015 Edition

Dóchas do na hImircigh Éireannacha sna Stáit Aontaithe

4 May 2015

TÁ DÓCHAS nua ann go mb’fhéidir go bhféadfadh faoiseamh a bheith ann d’imircigh Éireannacha atá sna Stáit Aontaithe gan a gcuid páipéír mar is ceart acu. Tá éileamh dhá dhéanamh ag an mBrúghrúpa Éireannach um Athchóiríú Inimirce (the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform) go mbainfí úsáid as córas tarscaoileadh, no ‘waiver’, a d’árdódh an cosc ar thaisteal trí agus deich mbliana atá ar inimiricigh I Meiriceá nach bhfuil cáipéisí cuí acu. Free article

A decade of broken promises

4 May 2015

THE WELLINGTON MONUMENT in Dublin’s Phoenix Park looms over the rooftops of nearby houses and blocks of flats in O’Devaney Gardens. O'Devaney was built in the 1950s as one of a number of social housing projects to rehome families during Dublin Corporation’s programme of slum and tenement clearances. It was named after Bishop Conor O’Devaney, a friend of Tyrone’s rebel chief, Hugh O’Neill, who was hanged at nearby Arbour Hill by the British in 1612 for treason, aged at least 80. Premium service article

‘The people of the Colin are coming home’

4 May 2015

New Mayor of the Belfast ‘super council’, Sinn Féin’s Arder Carson, talks to Peadar Whelan Premium service article

Mícheál Martin’s hysterical attacks on Sinn Féin

4 May 2015

RECENT hysterical attacks by Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin on Sinn Féin reveal a deep desperation within his party’s senior ranks as it fails to attract voters, stagnates in opinion polls, and Martin eyes the vultures circling his rudderless leadership. Premium service article

A dangerous message to future generations

4 May 2015

WHO FEARS TO SPEAK of 1916? Apparently nobody. There is a lengthening list of views from former and current Taoisigh, to the not happening ones like Mícheál Martin, and not forgetting Ireland’s ‘social and political commentators’, who fill radio talk shows and Official Ireland’s newspapers with their pithy observations. They have been lining up to offer comment on ‘the 1916 problem’. Premium service article

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Against the reactionary core of the European project

4 May 2015

AS the dominant figures in the European Union harden their stance against Greek democracy – with a Greek exit from the Euro looking increasingly inevitable and with questions even being posed about continued Greek membership of the EU itself – the reactionary core at the heart of the European project is being laid bare. Free article

Veterans For Peace – Binding the wounds of war

4 May 2015

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY but instead of going out celebrating I’m returning from a very interesting Q&A session I attended along with a former comrade, Pat Magee. It was at a conference organised by a group called ‘Veterans For Peace’. We were invited to London to address this group of British former soldiers and engage with them about our lives during the course of the conflict in Ireland, about our motivations in taking up arms against the Orange state, and Britain’s interference in Ireland but also, crucially, about our hopes and efforts today to help bind the wounds of war and create an Irish national democracy. Free article

Peace – The Optimum Risk – Glenn Bradley

4 May 2015

'I enlisted into the British Army to get the best training possible and come back to take the fight to the IRA' Free article

Scannal na gcomharthaí bhóthair

4 May 2015

ÁBHAR GÁIRE dúinn a labhraíonn Gaeilge go rialta go raibh an oireadh sin íonaidh ar Vincent Browne nuair a chraol sé clár as Gaillimh mar chuid dá shraith díospóireachtaí pobail. Free article

Boxty is back (and other traditional food revivals)

4 May 2015

MICHAEL 'MITEY MAC' McNally, toggle-haired and thin-boned, stares out at the ocean, remembering. “We were never educated to stay here and love the place and the produce.” Premium service article

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