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30 April 2012 Edition

The colourful and controversial George Galloway speaks to An Phoblacht

30 April 2012

THE Bradford West by-election on 29 March saw a spectacular victory for George Galloway and the left-wing Respect Party, winning what Westminster’s newest MP described as “the most sensational result in British by-election history”. Free article

Who can fear reconciliation?

30 April 2012

The logical extension of Peter Robinson’s Carson Lecture in Dublin is for him to give the leadership required to free up unionist thinking, to become partners in reconciliation with republicans and not just partners in government Premium service article

I want Rangers to survive

30 April 2012

Despite our fanaticism for Celtic, it still makes it more appealing to have a competitive Rangers breathing down our necks or vice versa Free article

Dramatic ideas

30 April 2012

THE QUESTION I’m most frequently asked is: ‘Where do your ideas come from?’ I have no hesitation in saying that I find my own experience, my own journey, infinitely more interesting than anyone else’s. It took me years, though, to trust in my own background, to believe that the events that had shaped me were important and worth sharing with the world. Premium service article

A sporting chance

30 April 2012

IT IS CLEAR from the response she’s getting from people across the Six Counties that the Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure Carál Ní Chuilin MLA is having a positive effect. Free article

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30 April 2012

TÁ TOGHCHÁIN Uachtaránachta na Fraince faoi lán seol i láthair na huaire thall agus bhí deis agam mar chuairteoir sa Bhriotáin le déanaí féachaint ar an gcóras toghchánaíochta thall. Free article

Éagóir ar Thuismitheoirí aonair

30 April 2012

CAITHFIDH Fine Gael agus an Lucht Oibre stopadh de bheith ag déanamh leatrom uafásach ar thuismitheoirí aonair. Premium service article

Another View

30 April 2012

MÉILE AN RÍ, Tor an Rí and Búirg an Rí are three estates of 465 social houses and apartments built on the border of Clondalkin and Lucan in west Dublin between 2004 and 2007. The estates are locally known as Balgaddy. Free article

This is (part of) Ireland

30 April 2012

“A CHANGED COUNTRY rooted in tradition,” the newspapers told us, “overwhelmingly Catholic” and “experiencing a population explosion”, while “family breakdown soars”. This was their take on the premilinary results of Census 2011 on ‘official Ireland’ (26 Counties being passed off as ‘Ireland’). The Irish Government’s Central Statistics Office even called its report ‘This is Ireland — Highlights from Census 2011.’ Premium service article

Julia Carney

30 April 2012

DELEGATES, members, unthinking Labour lobby fodder . . . I would like to welcome you to our Annual Conference here in Galway where we celebrate 100 years of a party founded by James Connolly and Jim Larkin to achieve a socialist republic. Premium service article

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