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19 March 2009 Edition

The Mary Nelis Column

19 March 2009

THE British Government could hardly do anything else but agree to inquiries into the murders of Robert Hamill, Rosemary Nelson, Pat Finucane and Billy Wright when the independent and respected international judge they had appointed to look at these cases recommended that this was the only way forward. Free article

Another View by Eoin Ó Broin

19 March 2009

HOW corrupt is Ireland? According to a recently-released Transparency International report, Ireland "is regarded by domestic and international observers as suffering high levels of legal corruption". Free article

Social Insurance Fund will run out of money this year

19 March 2009

MOST employers and employees (over 16 years of age) in the 26 Counties pay social insurance contributions into the Social Insurance Fund. In general, the payment of social insurance is compulsory. Free article

International : Freeman forced to withdraw from key US intelligence body

19 March 2009

LAST WEEK, the Israeli lobby claimed another high profile victim and proved conclusively that while Israel's reputation may be at an all time low internationally, in Washington its power remains undiminished. Free article


19 March 2009

Nuair a bhí Mórshiúl Lá 'le Pádraig thart inné chruinnigh ann fó-choiste áitiúil le chéile chun súil a chaitheamh ar obair an lae, chun na bratacha agus meirgí a bhaint anuas ó na cuaillí sráide, (chun cúpla focal molta a thabhairt ar a chéile as ucht jab déanta go maith) agus chun téama a aimsiú do mhórshiúl na bliana seo chugainn. Ní féidir le aon duine a rá nach bhfuil an fó-choiste seo ana-eagraithe! Free article

More than a game BY MATT TREACY

19 March 2009

DARE I say it, but going on a comparison with the league games played so far, the club football final between Crossmaglen Rangers and Kilmacud Crokes provided a compelling argument in favour of retaining the old rules. It was a tough, physical game but with no nastiness and yet, had the new rules been applied, a good few players would have received their marching orders for yellow cards. Free article

Remembering the Past: Brendan Behan, a rebel and a writer

19 March 2009

BRENDAN BEHAN was born of republican parents Stephen Behan and Kathleen Kearney on 9 February 1923, in Holles Street Hospital, Dublin. The Civil War was at its height and Stephen was an IRA prisoner in Kilmainham Jail. Brendan's association with Irish republicanism, though chequered, was to last his lifetime. Free article

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